How to Apply Cornmeal to Lawn

Gardening is surely one of the most popular hobbies around the globe. Even more than a hobby, it is even the passion of some people to do gardening and they absolutely live for this passion.

However, as soothing and as interesting this hobby might look like, it still comes up with a lot of challenges which the person needs to take care of to live his passion to the fullest.

Every person who loves gardening also loves a clean and grassy lawn. However, this itself comes up with a lot of challenges and people are always on the lookout to face these challenges and fight them.

Whosoever is associated with gardening must know what destroys the beauty of a lawn. Any guesses? Yes! You are absolutely right, we are talking about the brown patches on your beautiful lawn that can absolutely destroy the beauty of your green and grassy lawn. There are also other issues as well that can simply destroy the look and health of your lawn like the growth of weed as well as the presence of Ants in your lawn.

First things first, we need to understand why these brown patches occur on our lawns and what is the main reason behind the existence of these brown patches.

When we ask the experts or do the research by ourselves, we get to know that these ugly looking brown patches are actually caused by fungus and it surely hurts the health of grass as well as destroys the beauty of your lawn.


Well, if you are someone who has been suffering from this problem and you are on the lookout for its solution and want the old beautiful look of the grassy lawn back, then you are at just the right place.

In this article, we will tell you how you can get rid of these brown patches as well as how you can get rid of other problems related to your lawn by using Cornmeal.

Yes! You read it absolutely right. Cornmeal can prove in very handy to deal with such issues related to the lawn and the old look of your beautiful lawn, where a lot of memories have been savored by you can be brought back for sure.

One thing must be cleared beforehand and that is that this cornmeal is not the usual cornmeal that you use in your homes to make those tasty dishes. It is actually Horticultural Cornmeal that is used to treat fungal issues regarding the lawn.

So, yes we can say that Cornmeal is the Wonder Drug that you had been always looking for and it is surely going to please you in every way possible.

How To Use It :

Knowing the remedy to a problem is one thing and knowing how to use it is a totally different art. In this article, we will also tell you about how you should use the cornmeal and how it would be effective in the best possible way.

We will have a look at different scenarios and then tell you how you can use cornmeal.

For Brown Patch Caused By Fungus

All you need to do is to spread around 20 to 30 pounds of Horticultural Cornmeal for every one thousand square foot of your lawn. You can even add and mix some amount of molasses if you want to catalyze results at a faster rate. You can even add some water as well.

For Suppressing The Weed Growth

If you are scratching your head up and pulling your hair out because of the weed in your lawn and it’s overshadowing the beauty of your lawn, then the days of being worried are surely over.

All you need to do is to apply around 20 Pounds of Horticultural Cornmeal for every one thousand square feet. Also add a little amount of water as well so that the oils of cornmeal that actually stop the weed growth in your lawn are activated.

You will surely not be disappointed by using this method.

To Get Rid Of Ants

If you want to get rid of Ants from your lawn, then Horticultural Cornmeal can surely help you regarding that as well.

All you need to do is to spread that cornmeal over the place where you see a bunch of Ants. It is a simple procedure but it takes some time to totally get rid of the ants.

These are the few major issues that can be cured by using Horticultural Cornmeal and your lawn will again start to look beautiful and grassy as ever.

It can also be applied on other issues as well, for example if you have some sorts of spots on leaves or roses, even then you can use the cornmeal to treat them.

Horticultural Cornmeal can also be used as a preventive measure before you actually use it for the curing of problems, you can even use it if you are planting some new trees or plants. It will surely help you to stay away from most of the problems that you can face while gardening.

All in all, we can say that it is surely a wonder drug and it can be used in a variety of ways to make a positive impact on your gardening.

The reason why it is so useful is the high amount of protein and nitrogen that it contains in it. It can literally change the look of your lawn in a matter of a few days.

From the dull and boring looking lawn, it can be turned into a beautiful grassy lawn that you can simply be proud of.

Apply Cornmeal to Lawn

One of the added advantages of this horticultural cornmeal is that it is highly economical and organic in nature as well. So, it will be a sort of treatment by nature which is always highly appreciated.

So, if you have any of the above mentioned problems, you can surely use horticultural cornmeal. Also if you want to get the best possible results then you need to keep in mind to apply it the way we have told you.

Wish you all the best and Happy Gardening!!

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