How to Add Co2 to Tent Grow

Co2 is formed when animals breath, humans included. This is because animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out co2. Likewise, plants breaths in co2 and breathe out oxygen which animals use to survive. This cycle is important in the ecosystem because we can see plants and animal depend on each other for survival. That is animal depends on oxygen to survive which comes from plant while on the other hand plants need co2 which comes from animals as a by-product of breathing.

For the plant to properly grow, they not only need co2 for photosynthesis but also other factors like water, light and even pH must be put into consideration.

The current levels of co2 in outdoor atmosphere may be quite enough for plants which are grown outside or in the open atmosphere to survive. However, it becomes difficult for plants that are grown indoor like in a tent or a room because the co2 may not be circulating properly due to the limit of space and the way the structure is made hence there is need for additional of co2 to your plants.


Co2 levels are measured in PPM (parts per million) an average level of co2 in the atmosphere is between 300-400PPMand plants grow averagely well at 390PPM. Which means streams low co2 like 200PPM may make your plants not to grow at all. Likewise, plants grow well when the co2 in the atmosphere is about 1500PPM. This explains the reason why additional of co2 to your plants is beneficial.


Benefits of adding co2

First and most importance is that additional co2 will increase significantly the growth of your plant. This is because more co2 means more energy for photosynthesis to take place because the plant will inhale more co2 for the process to occur effectively.

Co2 is important during vegetation. This is because additional of co2 will increase the rate that your plants will stretch, become huge and strong and within a shorter time unlike when the co2 is insufficient.

Additional co2 to your plant is beneficial during flowering. This is because it enables flowers to grow fast and also increase their is recommended that the best period to add co2 is the first 2-3 weeks of flowering.

Also, additional of co will increase moisture content in your plant hence help in growth.

Methods of adding co2

There several ways of introducing co2 to your plants in grow tent. Some of the few most used include

  • Regulated co2 tank
  • Co2 banners
  • Natural co2 method
  • Co2 controllers etc.

N/b:  the method to be used depend heavily with the location or the site that you have put your plant. Either in a tent or a grow room.


Co2 tanks

This method is the most effective and it is much recommendable to the plants that are grown in tents.

They are commonly used because they are simple and easy to make and install without much need of mechanical and expert qualification as long as instructions on the manual are read correctly.

All you need is just a co2 tank, regulators, co2 controllers and gas tube to put in place your complete product and ready for use.

When using this kind of method, researchers recommend a 25 or 50 gallon which is made of aluminum.

Sometimes because of its vulnerability and safety measures, it is important that the tank to be placed outside the tent. This will also give more space to more plants.

Hook the regulator to the tank and plug into either a wall or a co2 controller.

The importance of the regulator is to allow the gardener to control the flow of the co2 from the co2 tank. This is important because it makes sure that co2 released is enough to the plants and also prevent the wastage of extra co2.

Use the gas tube to supply co2 to the plant. Make sure you hung the tube in the entire tent, above the canopy of the plant so that it can descend down considering that it’s heavier than the air.

Co2 banners

This is another common method of creating co2 into your plant. It create co2 using generator. The equipments used for this method include;

  • Banners
  • Generator
  • Co2 tank
  • Metal box

When natural gas is ignited, it produces co2 as a by-product. The banners used range from two to ten considering the size of the metal box

Put the banners in the metal box and well arranged with spaces within and make them steady so as not to fall. Hung the metal box from the ceiling above the canopy of the plant so that co2 can descent to the plants.


Natural co2 method

Natural co2 can be made for co2 bag which produces fungi and pads that are hanged above the canopy of your plan. Co2 is released when they react chemically with humidity present in the tent.

This method is quick, easy and very cheap as compared to other methods.

However, it is not commonly used or rather least recommended as it is not effective due to lack of controllers and regulators. This must be put into consideration because lack of regulators may result into excessive co2 which is harmful to breathe and can be fatal to plants.

Normally this method becomes a secondary source of adding co2 to your plants when the generator develops mechanical problems and stops to work or when you run out of co2 from the co2 tank.

Co2 controller

Co2 controllers are very useful in adding co2 to your plants. This is because it prevent the release of too much co2 to the plants which may be fatal to the plants.

Co2 is needed during day time during which photosynthesis takes place. During this time, the controllers releases co2 and lock the release during the night when co2 is not needed for photosynthesis. This saves co2 from wastage and other resources like money because co2 is purchased used money.

This process is enabled because co2 controllers are equipped by photocell which detect when it is dark and when there is light.

It also monitors the total concentration of co2 in the tent environment. This enables it to shut off connected co2 when the ideal co2 is attained in the tent. Once the concentration is depleted, the controller will turn on the co2 device.


Safety measures

When using these methods ensure that the room is properly sealed and avoid too much co2 for it might be harmful to the plants and even animals.

It is advised to use co2 detectors or alarms in case there is too much co2 it can give a signal for situation containment to avoid any damages.

Also sealing properly the tent enables plants to completely use the co2 emitted because if there are openings then co2 will be consumed by the air before they reach the plants.

Nevertheless, additional co2 to your plants gives you huge plants and heavy yield.

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