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Feng Shui Plants for Front Door: Dos and Don’ts

According to family feng shui principles, there are three most important areas in the house that we must pay attention when arranging objects or plants, and the area in front of the house is one of those three areas. This is because the front door area is where the energy will come into contact with your home, so planting a tree in front of your home according to feng shui will add positive energy or luck to your home.

In today’s article, Gardenmega will recommend for you what trees should and should not be planted in front of the house to help you and your family easily get prosperity and fortune.

Which trees should be planted in front of the house?

In the front door area, you should plant the following trees to attract luck and wealth.

1. Areca


With soft petioles and beautiful shapes, areca is a good choice if you do not know what to plant in front of your house. In an outdoor environment, the growth of areca is not limited, so it can be as high as 30 feet.

Areca, which is a family of bamboo, is very easy to care. The leaves have graceful lines that will make your house more eye-catching, while helping to increase positive energy and reduce negative energy. This plant is ideal for those with little experience growing trees. The plant can also tolerate any weather easily. Areca can live up to 10 years.

There are some great reasons that you should plant areca in front of your house. Areca can eliminate indoor air toxins and create a healthier environment for your family. If you feel your home space has been stuffy lately, you may want to plant areca to help remove xylene and formaldehyde from the air.

According to feng shui, when planting areca in front of your house, you should plant in odd numbers instead of even numbers because even numbers represent birth, old age, disease and death. The only number 2 is good because the number 2 represents the harmony of yin and yang as well as heaven and earth.

2. Bamboo


If you plan to plant bonsai in front of your house to increase feng shui for your family, you can choose bamboo add a sense of peace and comfort. Bamboo fights against most insects, although regular cleaning and pruning can help keep it healthier and live longer.

According to feng shui, bamboo brings good luck and goodness. Planting bamboo in the house will keep the householder happy, safe and peaceful.

3. Schefflera


Planting schefflera in front of the house not only makes your home greener, but also helps bring good things to the family. Schefflera is one of the best bonsai plants in front of your home.

This type of plant has interesting and lovely leaves. You can easily see schefflera growing along the roads throughout the tropics.

Due to its origins the same as ivy, it inherits cool properties, high relative humidity as well as the ability to thrive with proper care. In general, if you have ever grown ivy in your house or on your balcony, planting schefflera on your doorstep according to feng shui will not cause any problems to you.

Another reason to grow schefflera in front of the house is that this plant when placed in a good position will bring good luck for the family. In addition, schefflera has the ability to reduce air pollutants such as mold and other toxic substances.

4. Climbing rose

Climbing rose

For those who like a little romance for the front garden, you can try planting colorful flower plants. If you are a rose fan, you may want to try climbing rose.

Climbing rose has a higher vitality than potted rose. However, if you like other types of roses, you can grow them in your yard. Roses are considered to bring positive energy to the house, helping your house to be brighter, more playful and warmer.

In addition, you can plant a few roses in the bedroom balcony, because roses in feng shui will help the couple more bonding and the family relationship develop better.

5. Citrus


In Chinese feng shui philosophy, citrus brings prosperity and happiness.

If you decide to choose citrus at your doorstep, it’s best to position the plant in the southeast to help bring money and wealth to the homeowner. Note that you remember to take good care of the plant because the more fruits are juicy, the better your family will be.

Moreover, you should try to control the number of fruits on the tree that will end with 8, such as 8, 18 and 108. Because according to feng shui, the number 8 represents the lucky star.

6. Chinese scholar tree (Japanese pagoda tree)

Chinese scholar tree

This type of plant is native to China and brought to Japan to plant in Buddhist temples. In traditional medicine, the leaves and flowers of this plant can help with healing and exorcising. In addition, this plant has the ability to bring high fortune. Therefore, it is not uncommon for Chinese scholar tree to be on the list of what trees to plant on the front yard.

Another plus point for this plant is that it is very useful in purifying pollution and helping to combat heat, drought and compaction.

7. Perennial plant

Perennial plant

The perennial tree is most commonly grown in Southeast Asia. The plant has shiny heart-shaped leaves in different shades of green. According to feng shui, it is believed that growing the perennial plant in front of your home will bring good luck, happiness and prosperity.

In China, the perennial tree is one of the ornamental plants in the garden favored by households because the positive energy of this plant helps people reduce stress and regain composure.

This is a plant that is both easy to grow and beautiful because it can grow green without much care. If you are still wondering what to plant around the house that is “feng-shui-related” and easy to grow, you can choose perennial. You can also grow a red-leaved perennial plant on to keep your home warm and prosperous.

8. Magnolia


Unlike honeysuckle, which is usually placed indoors, magnolia is one of most common plants in front of the feng shui house, because it represents good luck, especially when the tree starts to flower. It is believed that the flowering of magnolia is a manifestation of wealth and prosperity that will come to the homeowner.

Another special feature of the plant is that it has the ability to purify the toxins of the house affecting your space. Not to mention, the eye-catching color of magnolia also helps the space in front of your house look more luxurious and beautiful.

9. Plumeria


Like the previous plants above, plumeria is also one of the easiest plants to grow and helps the house look more beautiful. But is planting plumeria in front of the house good? This is a concern of many families. I would like to answer that growing the plumeria plant in front of the house is very good because this plant has the ability to clean the air very well. In addition, in Chinese feng shui, this plant represents family happiness.

10. Fig tree

Fig tree

Any plants that you plan to grow in front of your house should be carefully considered to see if they will affect your feng shui and energy. And whether to grow a fig tree in front of the house is also a common question for those who are not familiar with feng shui plants. According to Chinese feng shui, fig trees represent the affluence and help to give homeowners luck as well as more favorable work. Therefore, growing a fig tree in front of the house is highly recommended.

What trees should not be planted in front of the house?

1. Cactus


In Chinese folk, people believe that cactus can exorcise. The thorns on the tree are considered to have the effect of repelling the unfortunate, so this tree is also known as the cactus of exorcism and often placed behind the house.

So, should we plant cactus in front of the house? The answer is no. Although it helps to repel bad energy, if you place cactus in front of your home, sharp thorns can produce negative energy. And in feng shui, the cactus also represents poor reproduction. Therefore, this plant should not be placed in front of the house or in front of and in the bedroom.

2. Willow trees

Willow trees

In Chinese folklore, willow is one of the plants that should not be grown in front of the house because willow obstructs good energy coming into the house. According to feng shui, plants with small and thin stems create energy that tends to be negative. The smaller the stem, the worse it is for people living in the house.

A few things to keep in mind when planting trees in front of the house

Choose a plant that suits the direction of the house

In addition to understanding the types of feng shui trees in front of the house, you should also pay attention to your home direction. For example, many people wonder what western houses should grow to be more prosperous and luckier; the answer is that you should not plant anything in the West. Because the West represents the Wood element (one of the Five Elements according to Wuxing), if you plant trees in the West, your feng shui will become weaker.

For houses with front doors in the West and you want to plant trees to decorate the house, it is best to choose flowers with bright colors such as sunflowers, moss-rose purslane and hibiscus flowers, etc. These types of flowers do not violate your feng shui.

Do NOT plant a tree opposite to your front door

Plants for Front Door

One of the bonsai arrangements to keep in mind is that you should not plant a tree opposite to the door. It is true that the more trees in your yard, the better the feng shui of the house, but you should avoid planting trees opposite to the door, because these plants can block your home and block sunlight as well as prevent the passage of good energy into your home.

Avoid plants with thorns in front of the house

Except for roses, the thorny plants are said to break the positive energy stream coming to your home. Therefore, you should avoid planting any such plants in front of your house, as it can break down your feng shui immediately.

Take time to prune the feng shui trees in front of the house

tree pruning

Regardless of what plants you grow to increase feng shui in front of your home, they need to be taken care of and trimmed. The trees that are about to wilt will break the positive energy coming to your family and even make things worse.

Above is the information about planting feng shui trees in front of the house. Hopefully, this article will help you choose a plant that is right for your home.

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