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Chinese Money Plant – Symbolism and Feng Shui

In the bonsai world today, small plants with feng shui meanings that can be put in small places are very popular.

Where should we place Chinese Money Plant?

Pilea (Chinese Money) plants are usually put in places such as offices, desks and compact wall shelves. Pilea plants not only have the unique beauty but also have a feng shui meaning to benefit the caregivers.

Chinese Money Plant

Keeping up with this trend, today Gardenmega will introduce this kind of plant to you. We are sure that growing this kind of plant will bring you new interesting experiences.

Let’s find out how special the Chinese Money Plant is!


The Chinese Money Plant (Pilea Peperomiodies) is originally from Yunnan Province, China, and was first discovered in 1912. Then, in 1945, a Norwegian missionary named Agnar Espegren discovered this kind of plant and brought it back to his homeland to cultivate and study. Since then, the Chinese Money Plant has spread throughout the Nordic countries.


– Scientific name: Pilea Peperomiodies

– Other names: Chinese Money Plant, Pilea

– Appearance: The Chinese Money Plant has circular, dark green leaves with a diameter of about 4 inches. The average mature tree has a height of about 12 inches with a shape surrounded by leaves radiating around. The leaves of the Chinese Money Plant are usually hard and succulent attached to the elongated thin, slender branches.

The Chinese Money Plant usually sprouts all year around.

Feng shui meanings

Pilea peperomioides

According to feng shui experts, the Chinese Money Plant is a tree that brings good luck, money, and prosperity to the homeowner. The full rounded shape from the money-shaped leaves will help the owner’s wealth always be abundant and never get exhausted. The vibrant green of the Chinese Money Plant also helps bring good luck, prosperity and hope to those who own it.

Besides, the Chinese Money Plant is also effective in regulating the air in the room, creating a cool and airy space to make a pleasant feeling for the room.

How to take care

A special favorite feature of the Chinese Money Plant is its overflowing vitality. The plant grows very quickly and is easy to take care of because it does not have too many strict environmental requirements such as temperature, humidity, sunlight and nutrients from soil and water.

Where to place

The Chinese Money Plant does not need too much direct sunlight, so it is usually placed in places with moderate temperatures such as on a windowsill, in the office with light or on compact wall shelves. Therefore, the Chinese Money Plant is very suitable to serve as office or house furniture/ decoration.

Moreover, the Chinese Money Plant can still live at very low temperatures. The lowest is about 50 F degrees.

The Chinese Money Plant is a semi-shade tree, but it still needs to be near a window or other places with sunlight for its photosynthesis and best development.

The plant is easy to take care of but the soil must be porous, well-ventilated and well-drained.

After reading this article, you can feel rest assured that the Chinese Money plant is very easy to live!


We can water the Chinese Money plant about 3-4 times a week. Each time, you should water with a sufficient amount of water (only about 1/3 of the pot).

Pilea is not a hydrophilic plant. Be careful not to let it drink too much water so that it is not waterlogged!

Good luck!

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