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10 Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizers 2023

Gardening is an art. To be a successful gardener, you must do the right research to turn your garden into a masterpiece. This research includes deciding which liquid lawn fertilizer is best for your garden. Taking care of your garden means nurturing it throughout every step of the way. This takes a lot of work, but the challenges you face along the way are what make it worth the reward.

To create a functional garden you should be using the best products throughout the whole process. Liquid lawn fertilizer is one of the most important tools when it comes to growing a garden. This article will help you determine which liquid lawn fertilizer will work best for you and for your garden.

When choosing your liquid lawn fertilizer you’ll want to make sure to pick the one that best fits your needs as a gardener. With so many options these days it can be overwhelming and difficult to decide what option to go with. Thankfully, I’ve done the research for you and have come up with the top 10 best liquid lawn fertilizers you can find online.

The top 10 I have chosen are each unique in their own way, I am sure you will find one that matches your needs from this all-star list!

Liquid Lawn Fertilizers

Top 10 Best Liquid Lawn Fertilizers 

LawnStar 30-0-0 NPK Fertilizer (with Slow-Release Nitrogen)5.0
Simple Lawn Solutions - Green & Grow 28-0-804.6
GrassSoGreen 19-0-0 Liquid Lawn Fertilizer4.7
Dr. Earth Nitro Big 7-2-2 Fertilizer4.6
LawnStar 16-4-8 NPK Fertilizer + Seaweed4.5
Agrinos iNvigorate Nutrient Boost5.0
Simple Lawn Solutions - Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK4.6
Pendelton 18-3-6 Liquid Fertilizer4.8
Miracle-Gro 1001834 Water Soluble 5 lbs Lawn Food 30-0-64.8
General Hydroponics pH Up Liquid Fertilizer4.9

1. LawnStar 30-0-0 NPK Fertilizer (with Slow-Release Nitrogen)

This liquid fertilizer has a 5-star rating and is a great choice for all grass types. If you’re looking for a liquid fertilizer that is all around the best, look no further. With a slow and fast release of nitrogen, it is proven to make your garden grow faster and greener. Users even claim that they started to see earlier results this season because of using the LawnStar! This also helps to treat nitrogen while the nutrients act as an army and directly help the core of your garden. Another element of the LawnStar 30-0-0 NPK is that it is compatible with any garden sprayer or hose while treating up to 16,000 square feet per gallon. That’s a lot of liquid lawn fertilizer! This means you don’t have to worry about finding a hose that works, it will already be adaptable to any hose or spray so you can get to work right away! LawnStar also throws in a 30-day guarantee.

If you are unhappy with results, they will give you a money-back return, through a no questions asked policy.

For an easy to use liquid lawn fertilizer I would go with the LawnStar.


  • Compatible with other products
  • Quick results
  • Works with any grass type
  • Compatible with any garden sprayer or hose
  • Treats up to 16,000 square feet per gallon
  • Money-back guarantee


  • More expensive than some other options

2. Simple Lawn Solutions – Green & Grow 28-0-80

Simple Lawn Solutions has a liquid lawn fertilizer that is jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients to supplement the growth of your garden. This is a more sustainable option due to the high quality organic and natural food grade compounds. This option is for those who want to leave less of an environmental impact.

These pure liquid nutrients found inside the Simple Lawn Solutions liquid fertilizer won’t cause any stress on your garden and can be used on almost every grass type. Another great feature is the quick release and slow release of nitrogen mechanisms that will make sure your garden is receiving nutrients in-between applications. This product is easy to apply and within a week of use you should start noticing differences in your garden or lawn. Simple Lawn Solutions is also a bit less expensive than the LawnStar, so if you are on a tighter budget this would be a great tool to use!


  • Eco-friendly
  • Works well in dry climates
  • Quick results
  • Works with any grass type
  • Treats up to 3,200 square feet


  • Not pet friendly
  • Smaller than some of the other options

3. GrassSoGreen 19-0-0 Liquid Lawn Fertilizer

The GrassSoGreen liquid lawn fertilizer is one of my personal favorites because it is continuously applied through a feeder system in small doses which helps make it an environmentally friendly option. It is a little more expensive than the Simple Lawn Solutions and the LawnStar but for a good reason. You don’t get as much feed as it will produce 2,000 square feet per gallon, but it is a safe product that is compatible with many grass types, easy to use, and comes with a money-back guarantee. There is a natural blend of nutrients and humates which help nurture your garden throughout the season.

Users say that if mixed as directed, results will include greener and more luscious grass and that it’s the perfect product for the garden. This tool is also easy to use if you want to apply it through your irrigation system as well.

If you already have a feeder system and value reducing your environmental footprint, GrassSoGreen is the fertilizer for you!


  • Eco-friendly
  • 2,000 square feet per gallon
  • Safe product
  • Compatible with other products


  • Not suited for areas as larger or larger than 25,000 square feet
  • More expensive

4. Dr. Earth Nitro Big 7-2-2 Fertilizer

Dr. Earth is geared more toward gardeners as it is used frequently as a supplement for growing shrubs, ornamental trees and even bare-root planting. This liquid fertilizer will help your plants and garden veggies reach their full potential by building up their cell walls with nutrients. The formula used in Dr. Earth is one that is fast spreading and results-oriented. Users say they turn to this product when they need more rapid growth for certain plants and vegetables. They also mention that the product distributes excellent nutrients. Just read the instructions for the right dosage and you will be good to go.

This product is the least expensive on the list, so if you are really tight on cash and require your plants to grow fast, Dr. Earth Nitro Big Fertilizer is what you need.


  • Most inexpensive option
  • Eco-friendly
  • Good for growing shrubs, ornamental trees and bare-root planting


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Not the best for large lawn spaces

5. LawnStar 16-4-8 NPK Fertilizer + Seaweed

Another LawnStar up for the best liquid lawn fertilizers! This one is about half the price of its brother – the LawnStar NPK slow release, but it works just as well. This is a great product for gardens that require a load of macronutrients. The seaweed extract is what makes this fertilizer stand out amongst the others on the list. Seaweed extract is important because it is highly-bioavailable which adds to your garden’s longevity. There is a hose-end sprayer which is adaptable to any hose and sprayer, making this product easy to use.

This feature also makes the fertilizer readily available when you need to feed your garden quickly, and with less of a mess which helps with maintaining an accurate dosage of fertilizer. Like the others, the LawnStar Fertilizer + Seaweed also delivers a fast and slow release of nitrogen into the soil, which leads to quicker results and greening. This product treats up to 4,000 square feet per 32oz.

This is a great product if you need an easy to use fertilizer and don’t mind the bioavailable seaweed nutrients!


  • Seaweed extract adds longevity to lawn
  • Mid-range expensive
  • Easy to use
  • Adaptable hose end sprayer
  • Treats up to 4,000 square feet per 32oz


  • Carefully read the instructions when setting up the spray settings
  • May take longer for results to kick in on some lawns

6. Agrinos iNvigorate Nutrient Boost

This product is a little less well known than your big brands like LawnStar and Simple Lawn Solutions, but is a great product when it comes to liquid lawn fertilizers. Agrinos iNvigorate is an easy to use product for outdoor or indoor gardens! This product works with all soil types and as a water-based medium, may be applied whenever needed.

The iNvigorate is also water-soluble and can be compatible with different plant nutrition products or easily mixed with other liquid lawn fertilizers anytime! Users say that after applying this solution to their withering crops, it gave them strength and brought them back to life.

The nutrients in this fertilizer are enhanced to increase the growth of plants, vegetables and improve the quality of your garden. iNvigorate is also an Earth-friendly product, which adds to the value. If you are looking for something easy to use that will bring quality and vibrance back to your indoor or outdoor garden, Agrinos iNvigorate is what you’re looking for!


  • Water-soluble
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Better for growing larger plants
  • Organic source


  • Not well known
  • Not the best for growing small plants

7. Simple Lawn Solutions – Advanced 16-4-8 Balanced NPK

This product from Simple Lawn Solutions is great for complete lawn food. It is a little different than the other Simple Lawn Solutions mentioned above because that one is higher in nitrogen nutrients. This product contains many macronutrients. It also contains seaweed and fish nutrients to help spread the growth of your garden. It is also a safe and natural fertilizer, free of any harsh chemicals which is great for the soil. What makes this product different is that it contains both seaweed and fish nutrients. It may sound a little funny, but these nutrients are from the Earth and go back into the Earth when they help nourish your soil.

The product is packaged in an easy to use way as it has a dispenser on the end that can attach to your hose, no problem. Users highly recommend this product for multiple reasons. First it is one of the most affordable options out there. Second, the results are incredible. Within two weeks your garden or lawn will be flourishing. Finally, since it is a sprayer and fertilizer it is incredibly easy to use.

If you are willing to take a chance on this one, you won’t regret it!


  • Contains macronutrients
  • Contains seaweed and fish nutrients
  • Great for smaller lawns
  • Works well on any type of grass


  • Not pet friendly

8. Pendelton 18-3-6 Liquid Fertilizer

The Pendelton is a simple liquid lawn fertilizer that gets the job done. It’s a recommended liquid lawn fertilizer by and has been rated 5 stars! It is on the more expensive end, but is a good and reliable product to use. Pendleton even has a recommended mix ratio ( 1 gallon per acre), application rate, and guaranteed analysis of nitrogen, manganese, phosphoric acid, zinc, iron, copper and soluble potash.

The micronutrients in this product will make your garden more aesthetically pleasing while contributing to overall plant health. Like some of the other liquid lawn fertilizers on this list, Pendelton is also a slow-release fertilizer but has a 50% SRN which is a bit more than some of the others. Users say they see results in as little as one week, which is good for those of you who need a quick fix that lasts a long time.


  • Great for large lawns
  • Less expensive than bagged granular fertilizer
  • Results in green, plushy looking lawn


  • Not well known
  • More expensive

9. Miracle-Gro 1001834 Water Soluble 5 lbs Lawn Food 30-0-6

Miracle-Gro Lawn Food makes it onto the list because it is proven to instantly feed all different types and kinds of grass. This product covers up to 4,000 square feet per box, which is common for liquid lawn fertilizers, especially those listed above. What makes this one a good option is that it is less expensive and all-round the most basic of lawn fertilizers there is. You should apply this every two to three weeks or during any season when your garden or lawn is growing!

Miracle-Gro also ranks very high in nitrogen and iron, which we know helps grass grow strong and fast in a short period of time. Even though it doesn’t come in liquid form, it is very easy to mix with water and create your own liquid lawn fertilizer.

This specific product  is trustworthy with over 400 reviews ranking it more than 4.5 stars. Some users prefer this because packets of fertilizer are easier to store and quick to make. Just mix 1 gallon of water with a tablespoon of grow and there you have it!

This product is perfect for those who want a lot of fertilizer but can’t store it. With this you can store away the solution and just add water whenever you need it!


  • Water-soluble
  • Instantly feeds any grass type
  • Treats up to 4,000 square meters per box
  • Inexpensive option


  • Have to mix yourself
  • Comes in pouches vs a container with a spray mechanism

10. General Hydroponics pH Up Liquid Fertilizer

Last on the list is the General Hydroponics pH Up Liquid Fertilizer. This is a specific lawn fertilizer that if used when needed, will help balance the pH of your garden. It helps to raise the nutrient stability and solution of pH levels within your soil. Users say that this product works well in soil and keeps soil from becoming too acidic. This is also a great solution if you require a hydroponic fertilizer. You will need a ph tester for this liquid fertilizer but should be able to find one at your local gardening store.

pH UP is more of a unique liquid lawn fertilizer but it can help with soil or hydroponic gardens. It can be used on plants, trees or soil and if measured correctly will help growth.


  • Consistent product
  • Great for soil or hydroponic gardens
  • Promotes pH stability
  • Keeps soil from becoming acidic


  • More expensive
  • Specific liquid fertilizer – not for all lawns
  • Non-organic


1. Is liquid lawn fertilizer better for my garden than granular fertilizer?

Liquid lawn fertilizer is better for your garden than granular fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is more mobile than granular. This means it is able to seep into the soil at a faster rate and spread more evenly producing quicker results.

2. When should I apply liquid lawn fertilizer to my lawn or garden?

First start by watering your lawn or plants day before applying the fertilizer. Liquid lawn fertilizer should be applied after your first mow and not be applied again until later in the year, say September or October.

3. Can I blend liquid lawn fertilizer with other products?

Yes! Liquid lawn fertilizer can be blended with other products. You can easily do this to make sure your lawn is getting the right amount of nutrients.

Lawn Fertilizers


As you can see, there are many different fertilizers to choose from but I hope this helps you make a decision. You have to decide what kind of fertilizer you value and what fits the needs of your specific garden. All of the choices listed above are rated highly and most of them have a money-back guarantee.

For the least expensive and easy to use options you should go for Dr. Earth or Miracle-Gro.

If you are into organic and earth-friendly options, the best picks are GrassSoGreen or Agrinos iNvigorate Nutrient Boost.

For mid-level prices and basic gardening uses I would go with any of the Simple Lawn Solutions or LawnStar options listed above.

Looking to try those problem-specific fertilizers, I would pick General Hydroponics pH Up Liquid Fertilizer or LawnStar 16-4-8 NPK Fertilizer + Seaweed.

Make sure to be treating your garden with love and respect, which means feeding it the right liquid lawn fertilizer! Your garden will thank you for researching what fertilizer is best for it.

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