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10 Best Lawn Insect Killer 2021 Reviews

Gardening is an excellent hobby that makes you feel really good. If you are depressed and want to feel fresh just try gardening it will make you feel better. Apart from this many people adapt gardening as a profession which is again a very good thing.

Lawn makes any home cozy and welcoming so we can for sure say a well-organized and maintained lawn is an essential part of any home we live in, to keep your lawn look appealing and welcoming one needs to keep working in it. These days there is a great issue of insects and pests which need our prompt attention because if they are not removed from the grass within the time it can result in serious damage to our lawn later on. Although there can be several insects that are harmless some of them can be dangerous even to pets and humans. They need to be treated in the first place.

If you are upset about the number of insects that are destroying your lawn and annoying you by stinging or messing around and you have no idea what to do about it, so you have landed in the right place that is I will give a review of over ten different and best lawn insect killer products. Well, this will make it easy for you to find the best one and use it. I assure you after that you will be satisfied with the results.

First you need to find what type of product you need to keep that in mind only will make you choose the perfect products to treat the unwanted insets.

Top 10 Best Lawn Insect Killers

Advanced 700288B Complete Insect Killer for Soil & Turf, Lawn and Yard Bug Killer, Granules, 10-Pounds4.8
Roundup for Lawns Bug Destroyer Granules4.1
Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer for Lawns and Garden4.6
Bonide Products 60318 Annual Grub Killer4.9
Cyonara Lawn and Garden4.8
Hi-Yield Systemic Insect Granules4.5
Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer4.8
Leonard InTice 10 Broad Spectrum Perimeter Bait Insecticide4.9
EcoSMART Garden Insect Killer4.1
Systemic House Plant Insect Control4.6

One needs to find the best thing that can treat the issue and in that we need some solid reviews and opinions, so over here we will give you a clear review of the top 10 best insect killers making it extremely easy for you to choose right away your desired one.

1. Advanced 700288B Complete Insect Killer for Soil & Turf, Lawn and Yard Bug Killer, Granules

Product Description:

Insects can be extremely annoying if they are not treated on time. From your garden they can move to your home and cause you frustration later on and make it uncomfortable around there.

BioAdvanced Complete Insect Killer for Soil & Turf can work on both surface and soil insects. Whether there are ants, fleas, mosquitoes and ticks, its 2-way formula controls surface insects very effectively. Apart from this it can kill subsurface insects which include grubs and European crane fly larvae and mole crickets. Within 24 hours you can get rid of listed surface insects which it can kill while kills listed soil insects for up to 3 months. It can be used as a home perimeter treatment.

Once it has dried pets can continue to use that area and it’s quite safe then as it cannot cause them any harm afterward.

This product weighs 10 pounds and has a dimension of over 14 by 10 into 2.5 inches. It is manufactured by SBM Life Science. The item cannot be shipped outside the U.S.

How it works:

Before using it:
  • Make sure to keep animal feeding dishes away before applications.
  • Also keep children and pets away till the application has dried.
Things to do:
  • After a single application makes sure to provide rainproof protection for some 30 days.
  • After applying the product it is absorbed into plant material and is rainproof after 1 hour of its applying.
  • It can be used on lawns, ground covers, flowers, trees and shrubs and also on sides of buildings foundations.
  • After applying the granules make sure to water it extensively.


  • It’s effective on the mentioned insects that it claims to eliminate.
  • It’s affordable that is compared to some very expensive products it does quite well and is cheap also.


  • It can be harmful to pets and humans so extra care is needed to keep children and pets away as long as it dries.

 2. Roundup for Lawns Bug Destroyer Granules

Product Description:

This product can work both on above and below the surface, bugs can treat up to 2500 square feet area and is effective up to 3 whole months keeps killing insects till that. More than a hundred types of listed insects can be killed using like ants, grubs, spiders, fleas, ticks, fire ants, sod webworms and cutworms. It does not have any bad effects over your lawn that is grass, flowers beds, etc. It’s not suitable for food pots.

Manufactured by Roundup, these products weigh 9 pounds. It has some great reviews based on its performance and is liked by most of the people for treating the type of insects that it claims to treat.

How to apply:

  • Evenly distribute it in the desired area with some proper spreader.
  • Next water it thoroughly to make it more effective.
  • The best timings to use it is early summers or spring.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s easy to spread.


  • Does not work very effectively on all kind of insects.

3. Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer for Lawns and Garden

Product Description:

It can kill up to 235 listed insects and one bottle can cover 5300 square feet area. Within minutes it starts working on insects like spiders, ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and Japanese beetles. Its effectiveness lasts up to six months.

It’s manufactured by a company named Ortho and weighs 2.45 pounds. Most people prefer it due to ease of use and affordable price.

How to apply:

Its sprayed you can spray it using a hose.


  • It’s quite easy to use just spray it using a hose.
  • It’s worth spending your money on.


  • It cannot kill all kinds of spiders.
  • Some reviews suggest that it does not last for the time it promises.
  • It’s dangerous and can cause serious issues if consumed so extra care needs to be taken.

4. Bonide Products 60318 Annual Grub Killer

Grubs can be extremely annoying that is eating roots of plants and grass. It can destroy the entire plantation if not given proper attention within time.

Product Description:

It controls grubs throughout the season if applied on regular and proper intervals. The best time to apply is May through mid-august and can work over an area of almost 1500 square feet.

It weighs 18 pounds and is manufactured by TV non branded items. It is a hot seller for gardens and Lawns, it cannot be shipped internationally.


  •   It requires only one application for the entire season.
  •  Quite affordable to buy.
  •  Effective.


  •  Needs to be applied within the time otherwise will not work on the active grubs.

5. Cyonara Lawn and Garden

Product Description:

It’s really good for your lawn and garden. It’s good for keeping vegetables, flowers, roses and shrubs in good condition and protect them against insects that can harm them. It works on more than130 pests like, spider mites, fleas, aphids, fire ants, chinch bugs, etc.

Manufactured by CSI, this product weighs 5 pounds, mostly sold for gardens and lawns.

How to apply:

Simply spray it and rest it works to kill the pests.


  • Effective on the pests and mentioned insects.
  • Worth spending your money on.
  • Many satisfied customers.
  • Easy to use just spray it.


  •  None so far.

6. Hi-Yield Systemic Insect Granules

Product Description:

Apart from edible plants its safe for use on other plants like Rosses, flowers and shrubs. It can kill a variety of insects that can harm such plants. It weighs 1.07 pounds and is manufactured by Hi-Yield.

How it works:

Easy to use can be mixed with water and just while watering plants they can get this treatment as well.


  • It’s quite cheap.
  • Works well on insects that are mentioned.
  • Have many satisfied buyers.


  • It does not work very effectively on extremely bad soil which is already full of such insects.

7. Scotts GrubEx1 Season Long Grub Killer

Product Description:

Grubs can be an issue if they survive in the soil and can lead to the destruction of the entire garden and lawn. This product can be used one time and works for all seasons. While the grubs are developing just apply it exactly at that time and then you can relax all season that is “nip the evil in the bud”.

It weighs about 14.7 pounds and is manufactured by ScothBlue. It’s a pest repellent and is mostly bought for lawns and gardens by people.


  • Works well on grubs.


  • Works only when the lawn is not damaged yet.

8. Leonard InTice 10 Broad Spectrum Perimeter Bait Insecticide

Product Description:

It’s good for use both indoor and outdoor. Very powerful and vanishes the targeted pests. Works well on cockroaches, ant’s crickets, earwig’s silverfish, millipedes, sowbugs and mole crickets. One Lb. is enough to treat 1000 sq. ft. Works for 90 days outdoor. Manufactured by A.M Leonard this product weighs 10.05 pounds.

How to apply:

It’s quite easy to use just sprinkle it around while wearing gloves.


  • It works well.
  • It is quite affordable.


  • It takes time to work.

9. EcoSMART Garden Insect Killer

Product Description:

It’s an organic garden insect’s killer. As the name suggests it’s made from a blend of organic oils and is safe around children and pets. Also, it’s environmentally friendly. It’s harsh on bugs, can be used for fruit and nuts insect’s pests.

It weighs 1.75 pounds and is manufactured by EcoSMART. It can be shipped within the U.S only and is not shipped outside.

How to apply:

Its sprayed, to achieve the best results that should be sprayed in the early morning mostly in cooler weather.


  • It is safe for edible plants.
  • It’s organic and natural.
  • Its odor is not very bad.
  • It’s safe for pets and children around them.


  • Can put holes in plants leaves.
  • A greater chance that it will not work as expected.

10. Systemic House Plant Insect Control

Product Description:

An excellent product for houseplants to keep them safe from destruction by bugs. Works easy way these are granules that work on the plants when spread. It’s widely trusted since 1926. Weighs about 11.2 ounces and is manufactured by Bonide. It’s not shipped outside the U.S.

How to apply:

They are granules and can be spread around, should be applied every 8 weeks as the growing season starts or is going on.


  • Works well for bugs on house plants


  • Some people did not find it effective.

Best Lawn Insect Killer

How to Choose the Best Lawn Insect Killer:

Well several things need to be kept in mind before investing in a product. Yes and we will provide you with all the details over here that you need to keep in mind while choosing the right product according to your requirements.

Things that need to be kept in mind:

1. How effective it can be?

2. Its toxicity level.

3. Working in the rainy season.

4. Method of spreading it.

5. Form

6. Area Coverage.

7. Your preference spray based or other forms.

8. How much time will it last working?

9. How many times you have to apply it.

10. Are there any soil type restrictions in using it?

11. Grass

12. Weather

13. Is it safe for pets or children?

This and a lot more needs to be considered before purchasing a lawn insect’s killer. Starting from the very first one.

Lawn Insect Killer

1. How effective it can be?

There are many things to have in mind related to effectiveness. The first thing is what type of bugs or insects are in your garden after that you have to find out how this particular product can work on eradicating them. What type of product can best treat those bugs?

2. Toxicity Level:

In my opinion most important how toxic it can be, this thing determines whether you need to use enough harsh and dangerous insects killer or not. Even some insect’s killers can damage soil or the growth of the plantation if it’s too toxic. One has to keep children and pets in mind if you have any give more extra attention to its toxicity anything can happen.

3. Working in the rainy season or water:

Some insect’s killers do not work well when they are dissolved in water or if in case it rains. If you use it than what is the pattern of watering your lawn and in case if it is about to rain so you have to make arrangements for that accordingly.

4. Method of spreading it:

The next thing that comes is how to spread this insect killer that is you have to spray it. What is more convenient for you in this area and form is mostly considered.

5. Form:

What form you prefer in some solid or liquid form.

6. Area Coverage:

How much area it’s going to cover the size of your lawn must be kept in mind.

7. How much time will it last working?

Once you have done spraying or spreading the insect killer, for how long will it keep working and you need to relax to see the result.

8. How many times you have to apply it:

Is it an onetime application or you have to do it multiple times, so that is also very important as it will make you decide what to do next?

9. Are there any soil type restrictions in using it?

What soil type is there in your garden and the product that you are using is going to be okay on that or not.

10. Grass:

What type of grass are you going to spray it on whether it’s a warm type grass or other?

11. Weather:

While applying it you have to look at the weather also. Right now it’s the best time for such product usage as spring is setting in.

12. Is it safe for pets or children?

Most important if you have pets or toddlers around who can consume such things or just touch it so that needs to be kept in mind their safety should be your top priority.

13. Odor:

Many people are allergic to such type of odor mostly these insect killers have a really bad and unbearable smell they can cause extreme headaches or other nasal allergies so make sure to confirm any allergic person to this.

Insect Killer


What is Lawn insect’s killer?

Well these are products used for killing insects that can destroy your garden and lawn grass and plantations.

Are these insects harmful?

Yes most of them can be extremely harmful and annoying needs to be treated in the first place within time.

Does these insect killers work for all kind of insects?

There are specific products for specific types of insects. All cannot be treated by just one product.

Are these products harmful?

Some of them can be harmful but some organic ones can be safe.


After a complete review of ten of these products, you can choose the best among them according to your requirements. Now lawn insects can no more be an issue after you apply one of these whichever issue is annoying you most.

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