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10 Best Greenhouse Plastic 2022 Reviews

Have you been thinking of building your greenhouse? It can be a brilliant idea or a DIY if you have spare space in your backyard or near your house. But, you certainly need to select the best greenhouse plastic do go with your invention. You can even make it a little project in your school or neighbourhood which can engage children and adult alike from your neighbourhood. It can be a great community activity as well or even a small project at the church. You can grow crops, flowers, plants and even small herbs and shrubs to keep the community or the family involved. You want to ensure that your greenhouse gets the maximum sunlight to pass through, so you would need the best greenhouse plastic to cover it with.

Greenhouses provide a pleasant environment by maintaining the heat and humidity in warm weather or even in cold weather. For most of the people, time and cost are the issues which make most projects do not fly out of the paper. However, building large glass or fibreglass greenhouse can be quite taxing.

No worries! We are here to help you understand how you can build your greenhouses without turning it into a back-breaking project with humongous costs.

Greenhouse Plastic sheets have seen a rapid rise as the primary material to be used in Greenhouses. Since these sheets have outstanding insulation elements and heat retention capacity, professionals advise using plastic greenhouse sheets instead of building glasshouses. These heat insulation properties of Greenhouse plastic are the reason why this plastic is gaining immense popularity. They not only lead to bare minimum heat lost but also keep the temperature maintained by using plastic sheeting. These greenhouse plastics keep your plants flourishing throughout the hot scorching summer weather.

Choosing the correct greenhouse plastic sheet will give you happier and healthier plants throughout the year. Moreover, they are a cheaper option that can help you make smaller and customised greenhouses that can be easily maintained.

How to Choose the Best Greenhouse Plastic

It is imperative to pay attention to technical aspects while choosing the greenhouse plastic. After all, you will be spending a lot of time tending to your beautiful plants, and a choice of poor greenhouse plastic should not ruin your hard work in the garden.


There are several varieties of greenhouse plastics, but the ones with 5-layer film technology in greenhouse plastics give additional strength and longevity to the plastic along with the UVA protection to plants. The five-layer technology will provide not only high mechanical strength but also a lot of flexibility to cover the plants appropriately.

Since your greenhouse is going to be subjected to a lot of extreme weather conditions, you ought to take the durability into account. This will help your greenhouse to sustain torrential rains, scorching heat, strong winds, heavy snowfalls or hailstorms depending on the weather conditions of your area.

Investing in the right kind of greenhouse plastic material will help you ave a lot of headache and pain in the long run as a small tear in the sheet can drastically affect the environment of the greenhouse.

Transparency and Light Efficiency

Greenhouse are no longer green, and green plastics are no longer used. In fact, in general practice, growers opt for good quality transparent plastics that have excellent light diffusion efficiency and transparency. After all, the main objective of the greenhouse is to provide ample sunshine and optimum warm temperature so that the plants can undergo photosynthesis and flourish in any weather.

While using fibreglass or glasshouse, transparency is not much of a bother. However, in the case of plastics, the situation can become tricky if the right kind of plastic is not used. Remember to opt for six mil polyethylene film with a light transmittance of more than 90 per cent. Since the high light transmission is essential for plants to thrive appropriately, it is crucial to choose the correct greenhouse plastic for with appropriate light transmission.

Light Diffusion

Plants make their own food, and for that, they not only need light but the light from all directions. This means to grow and flourish; plants need ample sunlight from all corners else they will end up in uneven growth.

The light diffusion capacity should be 20 per cent. Various plants, especially the taller ones or the self-shading ones, will grow unevenly if they have inappropriate exposure to sunlight. Thus, the greenhouse should have proper light diffusion that allows adequate lighting to all plants inside the structure. In the long run, a greenhouse plastic that gives proper light diffusion will help you get a fuller and even growth in all your plants in the greenhouse.

Thicker the Better?

No, certainly not! While thick plastics can be durable, but they can be heavy too. This means that they will offload their weight on the frame of the glasshouse. Since plastic sheet in itself does not have any structural integrity and support, it will fall heavily on the greenhouse frame.

Therefore, first of all, you need to put a sturdy glass frame and need to have an optimum balance of plastic sheet and frame to sustain your glasshouse for a more extended period.


Additional Properties of Plastics

  • Anti – Drip Property:

Since your greenhouse is built to keep the atrocities of weather at bay, you need to choose the plastic that can help it perform it to its optimum and help the plants feel safe and happy inside.

This means you have to think of the weather in your area. If you live in a cold-weather state where there is snow most of the times, you need to choose a plastic that has anti-drip properties. Don’t understand what it means? Let’s see it this way. The greenhouse weather inside will be naturally warm inside, and the weather will be extremely harsh and cold outside. This can lead to the formation of tiny droplets on the inside on the plastic, which will eventually fall on the plants making the inside atmosphere damp and soggy. This may hamper the plant growth ultimately.

It will not only disturb the plant ecosystem but will also lead to the growth of mould or mildew.

Therefore, you need to choose a plastic that has anti-drip properties. Some plastics are built with hydrophilic radicals or the – COOH. These are carboxylic acid compound that prevents condensed water droplets from dropping the plants. Droplets remain stuck to the plastic and get evaporated naturally back again.

It is important to note that while purchasing greenhouse plastic, you need to ask the vendor if it is made from hydrophilic or hydrophobic compounds like –CH groups. Hydrophobic compounds will repel the water droplets which will fall inside the greenhouse or on plants, thereby deteriorating the greenhouse environment eventually.

  • Anti-Dust Property Plastics:

Most plastics have a tendency to gather dust which means they tend to have reduced light diffusion property and light transparency. This will eventually lead to less light inside the greenhouse and will retard the plant growth as well as the entire Greenhouse ecosystem.

Some plastics tend to gather more dust than their contemporary products. So remember to ask your vendor about these properties and plastic material properties.

Plastic Materials:

Several plastic materials are available for building the greenhouse. You can choose from a variety of these materials depending upon your weather conditions and type of greenhouse you want to develop.

  • Polyethylene

This is one the industrial-grade where you can choose not to bother much about the weather. If you have ambient weather for growing plants in, you can opt for this kind of plastic.

It is cheap and can be bought online easily. It is not too heavy either as it is industrial grade and easy to repair. You can choose from the various category of polymers of polyethylene. While shopping for your greenhouse, look out for those labelled as ‘agriculture plastics’.

It is the right choice if you are short of money and would not mind tending to your plastic sheet at least once in a year for repairs etc. You may also have to replace it within a year or two. If you are ready to manage the repair and damage to your plastic sheet for the greenhouse, polyethylene plastic is a cheap and good choice to go for.

  • Polyvinyl Carbonate Sheets

They are the least used options for greenhouse plastics; nevertheless, they are an excellent choice due to their longevity. They usually last up to 5 years with least maintenance. However, their durability is accompanied by a price. They are often most expensive greenhouse plastic sheets and also available in shorter lengths. So if you are planning to build a large greenhouse, then you might as well drop this option.

  • Polycarbonate

They are one of the most favoured choices for greenhouse plastics. They are durable, tensile and come at a budget cost. Although they are more expensive than the polyethylene plastics, nevertheless, they are more rigid giving the required tensile strength and durability to the sheet.

Warranty and Guarantee Aspects

The plastic must come with at least four years warranty. After all, you will be spending a lot of money, time and energy in your greenhouse.

You can take a look at the local nearby stores that will give you six mil greenhouse plastics, but most of them are not UV stabilised. This means, within four months of purchase, you will end up with torn and brittle greenhouse plastic in your garden that will need replacement on an immediate basis.

Thus, it is vital to choose the right kind of plastic that is UV stabilised, and you do not need to replace it too often.

Top 10 Best Greenhouse Plastics


Here are some suggestions about the best greenhouse plastics that you can buy. There are several options available, including those available at the nearby online stores.

Bootstrap Farmer4.6
Sunview Greenhouse Plastic4.6
Grower’s Solution4.6
Farm Plastic Supply4.7
Shans Greenhouse Plastic4.4
A&A GreenStore Plastic4.8
SunCover Greenhouse Plastic4.8
Hydra Trap Heavy Duty Greenhouse Plastic4.9
Macrolux Polycarbonate Greenhouse Plastic Covering5.0
AgFrbric Plastic Covering5.0

1. Bootstrap Farmer

Bootstrap farmer is one of the most renowned greenhouse plastic names that are known for their superior quality plastics for the greenhouses. Their sheets are made from small plastic polymers that help plants get the maximum light and retain the heat.

They also offer custom cut according to your greenhouse specifications.


  • Super Thick
  • Durable
  • Weather Resistant
  • 4 years warranty
  • UV resistant


  • Easily Tearable
  • Cannot specifically survive cold
  • If winds are too strong, it can be destroyed

2. Sunview Greenhouse Plastic

They are tensile and come with good transparency. They are easy to install and manage, especially for small greenhouses. The effect is a little translucent where you can see hazy silhouettes through the sheet but not clear outside or inside view.

They have superior UV protection and have slow solar deterioration.


  • Superior Strength
  • Tough Material
  • UV protected
  • High light transmission
  • Clarity
  • In Budget


  • Over exposure to heat may damage it

3. Grower’s Solution

These are a cheaper option made from polyethylene and are six mils thick. They come in sheet sizes of 12 feet by 25 feet. They have a little hazy view but come with an excellent UV coating that gives it long-lasting life. It helps to degenerate the plastic slowly.

You may need to wash it regularly with soap and water often, so they are suitable for smaller greenhouses. It may be a good idea to purchase duct tape also along with it in case you need minor repairs as it is lighter in weight. However, the lighter weight helps you to install it quickly and easier to manage.

They come with a 4-year warranty, but the warranty may be void if you do not primer your PVC frame.


  • UV treated
  • Guaranteed for 4 years
  • Easy to install
  • Clear material
  • Tight fit
  • Thick material


  • Use on PVC frame will void the warranty
  • Lots of overlapping needed for a sure fit

4. Farm Plastic Supply

They are one of the most popular and highly sold greenhouse plastic that has earned quite a reputation over the years, they bear all the qualities of a suitable greenhouse plastic along with required durability.

They have earned excellent customer reviews over the year and remains one of the top picks amongst the greenhouse owners.


  • UV protected
  • 6mm thickness
  • Clear surface
  • 4 years of UV light
  • Can stand storms


  • Dust can create hothouse
  • Can come with big holes
  • Can be shorter than the said length

5. Shans Greenhouse Plastic

Shans Greenhouse plastic gives SHANS printed directions for inside out specifications. It makes installing them quite comfortable. They also have an anti-dust coating inside as well as outside.

SHANS film comes as a little foggy with extended durability and high tensile strength. They also have excellent UV coating for UV stability.

Unfortunately, SHANS greenhouse plastics do not offer anti-dust or anti-drip coating. However, they are specifically known to last very long and come with a minimum five-year warranty.

SHANS come in big rolls so you can even opt for them if you are building large or commercial greenhouses also.

On the other hand, since they are incredibly thick, you may need fans inside the greenhouse in warmer weather.


  • UV treated
  • Guaranteed for 5 years
  • 6mm sheet
  • Durable and Strong


  • Not clear, gives foggy view
  • Costly
  • Can cause over heating sometimes

6. A&A GreenStore Plastic

They are commonly opted plastic sheets for greenhouses that carry all the features that are available in the market with various other brands. The plastic is foggy and yet durable. They let in ample sunlight and retain the heat optimally.


  • 5 layer greenhouse film technology
  • Durable, strong and tough
  • Higher light transmission
  • Claims optimum plant growth
  • Anti dust additive


  • Milky white texture
  • High priced
  • Doesn’t have clear marking which side should be used where

7. SunCover Greenhouse Plastic

These are polyethylene plastic covers that are made of five layers that lend extra strength. They are ionised sheets that make it dust and drip-resistant.


  • 5 layers technology
  • Blocks UV radiation
  • Absorbs dust
  • Guaranteed 4 years
  • Protection against cold weather


  • Would have logos printed at the edges
  • Not suitable for square shaped designs

8. Hydra Trap Heavy Duty Greenhouse Plastic

Watershed Innovations offer their premium brand HydraTRap greenhouse plastics that are 11 mils thick and 180GSM. They also have a UV coating on both sides and are 100% waterproof. They come as mesh weave and also have aluminium grommets for easy installation.


  • Photoperiod integrity
  • Thick 7 mil grade
  • Reflects UV rays
  • Reduces heat build up


  • Cannot be recycled

9. Macrolux Polycarbonate Greenhouse Plastic Covering

This is plastic sheeting that would be able to deflect the bad weather from your green plants all year round. It would help you control the temperature of the soil and the plants at the same time making sure you are getting maximum growth rate.


  • 10 year warranty
  • UV protected
  • 82% light transmission
  • Double wall construction
  • Available in custom colors for special orders


  • Square cut at all sides
  • Very tight fit
  • Highly priced
  • Overheats sometimes

10. AgFrbric Plastic Covering

This plastic covering claims a growth rate of your plants upto 12%. The sunlight blocking system in this covering ensures that the weed growth is curbed with limited sunlight passing through for your plants itself.


  • Higher yield
  • Promotes 12% growth in plants
  • Temperature control
  • Strong photosynthesis
  • Wide range to choose from size and thickness


  • Without warranty



What are Shipping charges?

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However, for actual shipping policy, you will have to refer to each vendor’s original website where you actually make a purchase.

How Do You Process Refunds?

Please refer to actual vendor websites for the processing of refunds. Some vendors do not take returns, but in case you want to cancel your order before it is processed and shipped, they might accommodate a refund of your money. Mostly, there are two options for returns.

  • In-Store Credits – You can choose to avail refund to be credited your in-store credit so that you can use it to make any future purchases.
  • Cash Refund – Vendors also process cash refunds. However, they will refund only to that particular credit card or bank account from which the payment was made. They might not entertain any deviation in payment refunds owing to their security policy.

Your plastics are expensive as compared to my local store nearby. Why should I buy from you?

Yes. Most of the local stores and hardware stores sell greenhouse plastics. However, most of these plastics are not UV stabilised. Some of them do not have the required tensile strength or elasticity either.

It may look cheaper options for now, but such plastics would end up torn and brittle within four months to a year. This means you will have to spend money and time again on replacing the greenhouse plastic for your garden.

Thus, at ….., we give you good quality greenhouse plastics that have the mechanical strength and elasticity to last up to 4 years.


Making a Greenhouse is not just about growing plants, veggies or fruits. It is also about making the planet greener. It is also about taking up a hobby that is close to nature that takes you away from the craziness of the outer world. You can build your own world inside a small plastic house.

Greenhouse plastics just let you do that. You can choose from a range of small plastic greenhouse to large frames of greenhouses. All you need to do is to take your pick from a plethora of choice available to take up farming and gardening in a small way.

Greenhouse plastics can go a long way in making your dream greenhouse come to life. With little research and efforts put in while opting for these plastics can make you save a lot of money as compared to glass or fibreglass greenhouses.

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