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10 Best Gas Pole Saw 2023 Reviews

You want your garden to look perfect. You’ve done most of what you set out to do the minute it got warmer. But there’s still one thing left to do before you can say: mission accomplished!

It’s risky.

You have to climb up the ladder with a sharp saw in your hand. Now, as you begin sawing, you’re also trying to keep your balance. This is not the way to get rid of those far-reaching branches your neighbor nags might fall on his house.

Instead, you go to the shed and grab hold of the best gas pole saw you’d bought the day before.

Please stop for a second and go back to yesterday.

What made you buy the best gas pole saw you could find?

Choosing the best gas pole saw

10 Best Gas Pole Saw

For high and demanding workloads, buying gas pole saw is a smart gardener’s only choice. Professional gardeners usually choose gas-driven pole saws over any other kind.

Why is that?

A gas pole saw will consistently give peak performance even under extreme duress. No matter how big your garden is, you’ll finish the job in the shortest time possible. Everything an electric and battery pole saw has, gas pole saw has as well, and more. Greater power and endurance is the key difference. That’s why a gas pole saw always wins a comparison analysis, hands down.

Why not electric?

An electric cable limits your movement and reach. Nevermind that it’ll trip you up more often than not. Take, for example, the simple task of mowing the lawn with an electric mower. It’s nerve-racking. How often, if you’ve used one, have you come close to electrocuting yourself? One eye you keep on the mower’s trajectory and the other on the cable, like a chameleon.

Pruning is much riskier than cutting grass, and with a gas pole saw, you can avoid the risk. Think about it, when you’re sawing off branches you’re always looking up, that’s where you’re at, up high, not down there. Don’t get yourself into an electric cable twist!

Why not battery-powered?

Picture the scene. You’re halfway sawing through a thick branch when the battery dies, and the blade gets stuck. How can you let go of the saw, leave it dangling, while you go get the battery you’d left on the charger in the garage?

Admittedly, gas and electric tools have come a long way. Particularly when it comes to noise reduction, but that’s about it, to be frank.

They don’t come close to the amount of brute power the best gas pole saw churns out. Nor can they handle the ‘cuts and bruises’ that’s part of gardening.

With the gas pole saw in your hands, you’ll be able to tick-off your to-do-list in half the time it would take with a battery or electric one.

Before you buy the best gas pole saw, first consider

  • How often you’ll use it
  • The size of your garden
  • How much you’re prepared to pay
  • How compatible with other brands the attachment connector is
  • What attachments do you get
  • Can you handle the weight when it’s extended
  • What do you get with it for safety – earmuffs, eye gear, harness, and gloves, etc.
  • Does it come with a tool kit, gas canister, and oil measuring vial, etc.
  • What about a warranty

My best advice, if you’re an avid gardener, is to buy a dedicated gas pole saw. Grab it on a whim, whenever you want to get busy pruning no matter how challenging the job is. Ready, set, go!

Top 10 Best Gas Pole Saws

10 Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews

Remington RM25PS Maverick4.7
Poulan Pro PR28PS4.5
Blue Max 535424.2
Honda UMC435LAAT VersAttach4.8
Poulan Pro PP258TP4.3

1. Remington RM25PS Maverick

  • Engine 25cc 2-stroke
  • 12-foot reach
  • Quick Start Technology
  • Front-end 8-inch bar & chain
  • Gear-driven auto oiler
  • Multiple attachment options
  • 2-year warranty

Our expert’s top choice. This brand has a solid reputation, with over 100 years of tool making experience. When it comes to power tools, they’re arguably the best in the business.

Before you sink this beast’s teeth into a branch make sure it’s on full throttle for a quick and easy cut. But beware, It’s so powerful you might get over-confident and try branches that are too big to cut – just so you’re aware.

The Remington has quick-start trademarked technology, a unique chain design for smoother cuts and less kickback, and an auto oiler for constant lubrication.

It’s small enough to maneuver into tight spaces, and the loop handle gives your handling the upper edge.

This mighty pole saw weighs-in at 14 lbs, with the chainsaw attached. The number one choice for many professionals.

For what you’re getting, it’s a bargain.


  • Starts with one pull
  • Can handle a large garden for its size
  • Easy reach for small/awkward spaces
  • Runs for hours
  • Cuts hard wood effortlessly


  • Throttle a touch too sensitive
  • Can get stuck if branch diameter is 8” +
  • Might need some ‘tweaks’ to optimize
  • Doesn’t come with adjustment sockets
  • Service issues from some dealers

2. Poulan Pro PR28PS

  • Engine 28cc 2-cycle engine max. power
  • 3 extension poles for a 12-foot reach
  • Spring-assist pull cord with no choke for a no-fuss start
  • Straight shaft with gear-driven chain lubrication
  • Includes a shoulder strap and trimmer accessory
  • 2-year warranty

Poulan Pro has been making outdoor power equipment for over 70 years! This model almost beat the front-runner, and if a farmer recommends it, it must be a power-house. With a slightly larger and heavier engine than the Remington, it packs a solid punch. For very high-type work, it’s very well balanced to reduce the risks considerably. It is also quite maneuverable with the smaller 8-inch bar. The gas consumption is higher than average, but it’s robust enough to keep going for hours.

Carrying 14 lbs around all day could be your biggest challenge. The sturdy loop-grip will alleviate much of the strain on your hands.

A purge bulb ensures fast, simple starts with fewer cord-pulls, minimizing one of the most frustrating things about gas-driven machines. It has a ‘surefire’ fuel delivery system for maximum power. Before you start on those branches, let it idle for a couple of minutes to warm up the engine. It also comes with six different attachments, which makes it a handy machine.

If you have much to prune, the consistent power makes your work much more manageable and equates to good value for money.


  • Sublime cutting power with good reach
  • Handles marathon cutting sessions
  • Extra attachments are as high quality as the pruner
  • First time quick to start if fuel mix is right


  • Wood chips can get stuck
  • Accessories can devalue the pole saw
  • Carb can starve for gas at certain angles
  • Takes time to warm up
  • Oil can leak when in storage

3. Blue Max 53542

  • Engine 32.6cc 2-stroke
  • 10-foot reach
  • 10-inch bar & chain
  • Easy start fuel primer
  • Weight 14 lbs
  • Combination wrench included
  • 1-year warranty

With 32.6 cc power, if there’s plenty to prune, the Blue Max will finish the job faster than you think, as long as you have the stamina. Although some older gardening veterans love it even with the added weight, it’s made much easier when you attach it to the supplied harness.

It’s not a light-weight and 2-feet shorter than the first two saws mentioned above but still worth a bronze medal. The 10-inch bar and chain driven by a bigger engine will make pruning, quick work for you.

Recommended by some professional landscapers who emphasize the almost unlimited power the massive engine generates. A crucial detail you should keep your eye on is the automatic chain oiler – constant lubrication is essential for every chainsaw.

Some bonuses are the anti-vibration handle, making it easier to operate, the 30% more chain teeth for faster cutting time, as well as an automatic-safety clutch for an easier start-up.


  • Harness supplied to handle weight better
  • Good low-cost alternative
  • Excellent anti-vibration system
  • Top-class power output
  • Works well at maximum extension
  • Cuts branches thicker than booklet’s recommendation


  • Heavy
  • Choke switch too close to pull card – can interfere when starting
  • Cuts out during longer sessions
  • Check for chain oiler blockage often
  • Not the easiest of start-ups

4. Honda UMC435LAAT VersAttach

  • Engine 35cc 4-stroke straight shaft
  • Delivers 1.6hp using straight (no mixing) unleaded gas
  • Anti-vibration system for smoother and longer operation
  • Lower sound level than most
  • Multiple attachment options
  • 2-year warranty

The name Honda is synonymous with top quality products. And this is one of them. More expensive than many, but it will give you a lifetime and peace of mind. It’s a machine that professional landscapers would recommend, it’s the ultimate power tool for any project. It’s very versatile with top-notch attachments – trimmer, edger, hedge trimmer, cultivator, and blower – giving you the ability to tackle any job without a second thought. Usually starts on the first or second pull and idles quietly with minimal smoke and fumes just the perfect engine should.

The comfortable harness and D-loop handle adds to your safety and pruning pleasure.

Fuel efficiency is up to 50% less than comparable 2-stroke models, even with its high-powered 4-stroke engine.

It is a little pricier than the other models but worth it.


  • No gas & oil mixing needed -straight unleaded fuel
  • Quick acceleration
  • Easy multi-function changes – SureLoc system
  • On average 50% less fuel consumption
  • Can be stored in any position – no leaking
  • Warranty


  • More expensive than most
  • Quite a heavy tool
  • Sometimes has power issues
  • The brand promise might be unrealistic
  • Only Honda attachments fit
  • Lack of after-service once used

5. Proyama

  • Engine 26cc 2-stroke (EPA certified)
  • 11.4-foot reach
  • Weighs 13 lbs without head
  • 12-inch bar & chain
  • Multi-function accessories
  • 1-year warranty

The Proyana has a very balanced power to weight ratio. It’s EPA certification ensures less smoke and fume emissions, and lowers fuel consumption. The air-cooled engine gives it a longer than usual running time for those busy gardening days.

An emergency shut-off button is a useful safety feature for when things get dangerous. The 12-inch chainsaw blade makes cutting harder wood much easier.

Ideal for small gardens when you have a multitude of gardening tasks to complete. Included is a vibration-reducing shoulder harness, earmuffs, face shield, and tool kit. This fantastic machine will leave your garden as pristine as ever, year after year.

The 12-inch blade is big enough to get through thicker branches with ease.

If it’s value for money you’re after, then look no further than this very versatile pole saw.


  • Solid and well fitted together
  • Power & attachments give it better value
  • Vibration reduction harness
  • 5-in-1 Attachment options
  • Emergency shut-off button


  • Can have ‘gear’ issues
  • After-sales service could be an issue
  • Instruction booklet insufficient information
  • Heavier than similar models

6. Maxtra

  • 42.7 cc 2-stroke engine
  • 14.4-foot reach
  • 10-inch bar & chain
  • Solid steel shaft
  • 1-year warranty

The Maxtra is one of the most potent pole saws in production. It also has the third biggest engine on the list. It’s a splendid machine with anti-kickback technology for safety, especially when you cut harder wood.

Quick Start technology makes pull starts easier than ever as well as an adjustable chain oiler for a faster pit-stop.

Included are many safety features such as a chain cover, shoulder strap, muffler shield, as well as a complete tool kit and comfy carry bag. It consumes more gas than others and is a little noisier too. But the extra reach and better than most power output compensate for that.

The machine for an expert gardener or professional who doesn’t want interruptions while sawing off high branches. A reliable and robust tool with a good reputation but a little on the heavy side.


  • Big engine with double the power than most
  • Exceptionally long reach
  • Various attachable options available
  • EPA certification engine means fewer fumes and smoke


  • Heavier than most pole saws
  • Big engine equates to higher gas consumption
  • Quite noisy

7. Proyama

  • Engine size 2HP 42.7cc 2-stroke (EPA)
  • 11.4-foot reach
  • 12-inch bar & chain
  • Multiple attachment options
  • 1-year warranty

The high-powered Proyama can turn you into a master-pruner. This pole saw is for heavy-duty gardening but requires the operator to be pretty strong to carry it for extended periods. It’s also one of the pricier models on this list. The extended cutting blade gives you those extra few inches to make cutting off a big branch a walk in the park.

It’s the big cousin of the same model, which came in at number five on the list. The Proyama is a much heavier, more powerful machine and with more endurance than most others. It takes a while to start in cold weather, but once it gets going, there’s no stopping it. Be sure to always work carefully so as not to damage the shaft, which can happen in trying conditions.

It comes with multiple attachments that all work well. The extras include a vibration reduction harness, earmuffs, and a face shield. It’s a well-priced import that cuts through just about anything. The ‘anything’ is why it’s such a good bargain.


  • Very powerful with EPA certification
  • 5-in-1 attachment options
  • Easy start technology
  • Good after-sales service
  • Can add extra extensions to the pole saw
  • Minimum fumes and emissions


  • Slightly unbalanced weight ratio
  • Some attachments bring the overall value down
  • Poor quality finishings
  • Noisy and bulky (unbalanced)
  • Uncertified safety equipment

8. Poulan Pro PP258TP

  • Engine size 25cc 2-stroke & straight shaft
  • 11-foot reach
  • 8-inch bar & chain cuts up to 6-inches
  • SureFire start with spring assist
  • Multiple attachment options
  • 2-year warranty

As already mentioned, Poulan has been around for 70 years and is a well-respected brand. The PP258TP is perfect for less demanding and smaller jobs. The engine is a little smaller than its cousin, who made it to second place on the list. Apart from that, it’s very similar. It has a 2-piece extension which, although a little shorter than many others, is more reliable and easier to use. The maintenance is easy and will ensure a longer life for your machine.

There’s no choke function, and it has an easy-to-use purge bulb for fast, simple starts and fewer cord-pulls. As is the case with most tools, this one will give you long term service if you take care of it.

Poulin products are top-quality derived from years of experience in the tool-making business.

This machine is a safe bet for high easy pruning and priced in the midrange of the gas pole saw market.


  • Light-weight for easier use
  • SureFire start with spring assist
  • No choke for starting
  • Great extension joint (2-piece)
  • 2-year warranty


  • Shaft not sturdy could bend
  • Poor after-sales customer support
  • The emergency switch can have issues at times
  • Only gives you a 9-foot reach
  • Can leak oil in storage

9. Echo

  • Light-weight but powerful 25.4cc
  • 12-foot reach
  • Automatic & adjustable oiler and slide-access chain tensioner
  • 12-inch bar & chain
  • 5-warranty

The Echo makes fast, easy, and safe pruning for those hard to reach places possible. Small and robust to easily access those small and awkward spaces between branches. A light-weight design to ease the load. The Easy Start technology makes for a quick start every time, especially in hot, dusty climates. Echo’s made it possible by inhibiting the intake of hot air from reaching the carburetor ensuring the easy start is a consistent benefit. A light-weight design and rubber-over mold handle give excellent operator control and comfort. With a reach of just over 12-foot, there’s not much you cannot do. The larger 12-inch bar and chain significantly improves cutting ability. There’s also easier side-access tensioning for enhanced safety.

It has a fuel tank with almost 1/5 more capacity than similar size machines. The adjustable oiler feeds the right amount for continuous chain lubrication. There’s a chain tensioning system making cutting and as well as extending bar and chain life.

A bonus is the ergonomic top handle, which, with the vibration isolating technology, puts less strain on your body. The cost is in the high-range, but with such a good warranty you’re covered.


  • Magnesium engine
  • Best warranty on the list – 5 years
  • Light-weight design for user comfort
  • Two-stage air filtration system
  • Tool-less access for convenient in-field servicing


  • It’s heavy compared to similar models
  • Trigger release is situated too far forward
  • Air intake inconveniently placed causing it to stall

10. Iglobalbuy

  • Engine size 52cc 2-stroke
  • 10-inch bar & chain
  • 15-foot reach
  • Weight 14.66 lbs
  • 5-in-1 tool attachment options

The Iglobalbuy is the biggest machine on the list but just as versatile as any other. Enough power to overcome most branches with ease. Durable and robust to tidy up a large garden, not just pruning but everything else where a powerful machine is needed to finish any job fast.

Cuts through branches with the ease you’d expect from such a large motor. It’s easy to get to those hard-to-reach places because of the midsize bar and chain. A purge bulb ensures fast, simple starts with fewer cord-pulls. Nothing can be more frustrating than a gas motor that won’t start.

Our high differential temperatures affect imports, but with trial and error, you’ll figure the best carburetor mixture for optimum performance.

The 5-in-one attachment functions add much more to this purchase. And each function is just as good as the next.

It comes with a shoulder harness, an essential element because it’s heavy. Included too is personal safety gear and a portable tool kit. An uncomplicated pole saw to suit the straightforward gardener who doesn’t like to procrastinate. Similar to an old car from the 90’s which keeps going without needing much attention and cheap to maintain. The mid-range price is surprisingly low for such a huge motor. It doesn’t have all the latest sophisticated technology, but it’s still a good value buy, especially if size matters to you.


  • Very powerful motor
  • Easy one-pull start-up
  • Good quality multiple attachments


  • Heavy as you’d expect for a large machine
  • Imported so not compatible with local attachments
  • Fuel mix takes time to figure


Gas Pole Saw

How much do I pay?

You don’t have to pay a fortune for a high-quality gas pole saw. The more expensive ones should have attachment options. Things like extensions poles, brush, or hedge trimmers, saving you a couple of dollars. Make sure there’s a warranty for the cheaper options in case they’ve got quality issues.

What specifications matter most when choosing?

Engine size

Look at the size of the motor and match it to the type and amount of work you’re planning. The bigger the job, the stronger the machine.

Maximum reach and maneuverability

Make sure you have an idea of how high you must prune and buy a model that will reach. Choose a slim and short saw that will give you more options to cut at awkward angles. Most pole saws have extension options which you can attach for various tasks.

Saw size

Take note of the bar and chain size, which is essential when you have bigger branches to cut especially. An 8 or 10-inch bar size should be enough to cut most branches under 10 inches in diameter. For those, a chainsaw and scaffolding is the best plan.


If you’re going to be holding the saw above your head for extended periods, then choose a lighter one. It also depends on how much you want to benefit from a shoulder & arms workout at the same time.

What about maintenance?

Gas pole saws have many more working parts than other types, thus more maintenance.

Strangely enough, it’s easier for you to fix a gas pole saw than an electric or battery-powered one.

What about the noise?

Gas-driven engines are noisier. It shouldn’t bother the neighbors unless you do it on a Sunday morning.

Is it dangerous?

It’s as dangerous as you make it. Follow the safety guidelines in the booklet. Wear all the necessary protective gear, especially for your face, eyes, ears, and hands. For a start, the equipment will make you more focused on your safety.

There are various chains that you can fit with anti-kickback features for extra safety, but if you work in a controlled and calm manner, you’ll survive. Rushing a job creates danger for you and others.

Take a look at the various cutting techniques for safe and optimum results.


Best Gas Pole Saw Reviews

One obscure reason why I’m so pro-gas for gardening is this:

As a full-time gardener on a large estate, I use a gas trimmer. No attachment options, please! It has a wide, Harley Davidson-like handle which when I grip makes me feel invincible.

Every time I clip the strimmer onto my parachute-like harness, the weeds start to shiver. That’s the power of a gas-driven gardening machine.

No battery or an electric machine, with their multiple attachments, could do the job as well as this baby. For smaller DIY tools, they’re okay but not for serious gardening.

My gas trimmer never lets me down except on those days it needs some TLC. The quiet moments in deep contemplation while tinkering with my trimmer is special. I learned how to replace the spark plug, starter spring-reel, and pull-rope.

Gas-powered garden tools keep going forever, but they need a little more attention. And the satisfaction you get from this tool will make you want to look after it.

That’s what loving relationships are all about, right?

The best nugget for last:

The more you’re in-tune with your gas-powered ‘beast,’ the more you’ll get out of it. A half-turn with a small flat-screwdriver to regulate the fuel intake, to get the revs right, can make a difference.

You just have to know where to look!

Happy gardening everyone!

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