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10 Best Garden Hose reels 2023 Reviews

Gardening is a fantastic way to relax, and the best thing to do when you want to connect with Mother Nature. Especially watering around your garden using a hose is fun and enjoyable. The challenging part begins after watering your plants where your garden hose gets messy, muddy, and tiresome. After spending a tiring day watering your garden, everyone likes to pack up everything and done with the job quickly. But rolling the garden hose back is a task that takes forever to get finished. The Garden hose reel comes to your rescue in this situation and helps you keep the hose well organized.

It is essential to invest in the best garden hose reel to stop dragging long garden hoses around. Choosing the right hose reel that works efficiently and quickly prevents your hose from kinks and splits. However, selecting the right product from thousands of different models available is time-consuming and also painful. But No worries! Here are the top ten best garden hose reels along with a detailed buying guide.

How to Choose the Best Garden Hose Reel

10 Best Garden Hose reels Reviews

A garden hose reel must have a superior garden tool for both beginner and professional level garden owners. It would be best if you chose a high-quality garden hose reel that enhances the hose’s lifespan, protects it from rough weather conditions and prevents water blockage. Let’s discuss the factors to consider when it comes to choosing a garden hose reel:

Hose Length

Generally, most of the hose reels come with the capacity that ranges from 100-400 feet. The hose length limit depends upon the hose reel size and type. For example, the hose reel lengths about 125-150 is sufficient to perform the watering tasks efficiently. It takes 150-400 feet reel capacity for giant hoses.

Hose Width

Garden hoses come in various sizes and widths. Standard hose width sizes from 5/8 inch or 3/8 inch. So, the hose reel should handle the hose width to make sure it fits appropriately all around the reel and provides useful storage without any problem.

Material used in making of hose reel and cabinet

Hose reel and cabinets built using many materials. The reel is often a build-up of PVC or tough metals. The cabinets come from aluminum, resin, durable plastic, non-corrosive metal, or stainless steel for good longevity. The heavy-duty garden hose reels support wide and long water hoses. They are made up of cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel, making it strong, sturdy, and lasts for a long time. If you are looking for a portable garden hose reels, you should choose reels made up of lightweight materials such as fiberglass and plastic.

top 10 Best Garden Hose reels

Types of Hose reel

The present marketplace offers endless garden hose reel types to match the needs of users. Let’s discuss all the three types of hose reels below:

  • Hose Cabinet:

The hose cabinet is decorative and stationary. The hose cabinet’s design is quite simple and looks like a small little cute box that fits anywhere around your house or shed. It comes with a crank that retracts the hose.

  • Wall mounted:

The wall-mounted hose reel is sturdy, strong, and you need to install it on the wall. The arched structure is simple, and it comes with all the hardware that is essential to install it. Some wall-mounted versions contain a handle to store the hose easily.

  • Cart mounted:

The best thing about this type of hose reel is it provides both storage and portability to the hose. Cart mounted hose reel has wheels that help you move the reel around the garden wherever you need to water the plants.

Durable & easy to use

It is a matter that the reel must be durable and robust enough to withstand all kinds of weather changes. No one likes to invest in a hose reel that breaks within a few months of usage. It is always best to buy a hose reel that lasts for decades. Experts recommend purchasing the hose along with the hose reel to make sure both products runs along for a few years.  If you are looking for a long-lasting hose reel, it is better to go for resin based hose reel. The wall mounted hose reels are constructed using resin. It will protect the hose from intense sunlight, rain and prevents the loss of functionality after few years of usage.

Retractable and Non-retractable reels

Retractable reels are modern types of reels built with a feature that rolls back the hose by itself. While non-retractable reel allows you to store the hose around, you have to rewind it up by yourself, which is time taking. The retractable model is a better choice which saves your energy and time.

Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reel

Best Garden Hose reels

Eley wall mount hose reel4.9
Hoselink automatic garden hose reel4.7
Dramm colour storm rubber hose reel4.7
Liberty rotating garden hose reel4.7
Gardena  retractable hose reel4.6
Tacklife garden hose reel4.5
Gardena lightweight hose reel4.7
Suncast hose reel4.5
LibertyGarden four-wheel garden hose reel4.4
AMES side-mount reel4.4

1. Eley wall mount hose reel

Our first and favorite pick in this list is the Eley wall mount garden hose reel. Eley company is famous for manufacturing premium garden tools that provide useful functionality and excellent build quality. It features a sturdy design that you make you fall in love with this hose reel. The shining bronze coat adds a unique attraction to the hose reel and lifts your garden look. It can last for a long time and comes with an excellent aluminum built quality.

The construction

  • The hose reel is made of aluminum alloy, making the construction durable and withstands to harsh climates. The gooseneck swivel, polyurethane inlet hose, is perfectly designed to match any kind of water hose with a 5/8inch diameter.

What we like the most

  • Someone can easily mount the reel on the walls, either perpendicularly or parallelly. So, you can quickly assemble the parts and do the installation by yourself. Most importantly, the hose reel can hold a hose of 125 feet; thus, you can easily water your whole garden.

What are the downsides

  • The unit is quite expensive, but you will never regret the decision once you buy the product.

2. Hoselink automatic garden hose reel

If you search for an automatic hose reel with premium quality, then Hoselink’s automatic garden hose reel is the right choice for you. The garden hose makes your work done with ease, comfort, and reduces water wastage. It comes in our list’s second position because it is the most advanced option available in the marketplace.

The construction

  • A hose reel is a wall-mounted unit loaded with a high-quality spring to retract your command automatically. This hose reel’s maximum capacity is 82 feet, and it supports the hose width of about 9/16 inches. The seven function spray gun function helps you to water the plants easily. The cover protects the reel from harsh external elements.

What we like the most

  • Installation is a breeze, and the automatic mechanism prevents the hose from kinks and tangles. Maintaining the garden using this automatic hose reel is hassle-free.

What are the downsides

  • Most of the customers loved the garden hose reel’s quality and construction, but few of them felt messy with automatic rewinding after prolonged use.

3. Dramm colour storm rubber hose reel

Dramm rubber hose reel is a heavy-duty and industrial rubber gardening hose reel that best suits all garden areas. The hose reel uses sure-grip technology for easy handling and adequate watering.

The construction

  • The hose reel is made of premium rubber, which durable to hot water. The crush-proof nickel-plated fitting style binds the hose well and adds flexibility in watering.

What we like the most

  • The water hose can easily rewind and also prevent kinks. The hose reel comes in various colour options to make your garden look beautiful. Moreover, it suits both commercial and household applications.

What are the downsides

  • The hose heel is pretty awesome, but the disappointing part is it slowly fades its colour.

4. Liberty rotating garden hose reel

Here comes another popular branded hose reel that gives you a vintage look. The liberty rotating garden hose reel comes with a storage tray to keep your essential tools and 360-degree rotatable reel. The highly effective design allows you to store the hose quickly and retract the hose back after usage.

The construction

  • The hose reel is made of steel and coated with durable powder to have excellent resistance to hot and humid climates. The hose reel is capable of holding 125 feet long hose with a 5/8 inch diameter. The 90-degree solid brass swivel bracket helps you mount the hose reel quite easily and provides useful storage. It also comes with a storage tray where you can store all your garden tools.

What we like the most

  • The rotatable reel adds flexibility to rewinding the hose and tracks the hose well to the requirement’s direction. The installation process is pretty simple. The handle like design helps you to mount in on the wall you want to place it.

What are the downsides

  • The unit is quite expensive and also doesn’t come with the mounting hardware.

5. Gardena  retractable hose reel

Gardena retractable hose reel is a flexible and easy transport hose reel that perfectly suits your garden type. The protective design allows the hose reel to resist frost and hot conditions. The locking mechanism gives you a short pull, which retracts the hose back slowly and carefully without hurting your garden. The wall brackets provide spaces to store all your sprayers and other gardening tools.

The construction

  • The hose is made of high-quality plastic to add durability to all climates, and the integrated spring is made of steel to have a flexible retract to get back the hose without any kinks and damages.

What we like the most

  • The simple and light in weight construction allow the hose reel to fit anywhere around the garden.  The automatic rolling adds comfort to water your plants and keep the garden evergreen. Mounting the unit is quite simple and easy.

What are the downsides

  • The unit is a bit pricey. Apart from that, you will appreciate the quality and features.

6. Tacklife garden hose reel

Tacklife gardening hose reel features an upgraded exterior design with low retracting speed. The unit is well equipped to meet all the needs of the gardeners. The best thing about this hose reel is you can change the nozzle to water your plants with different water patterns.

The construction

  • The hose reel holds 65 feet hose and comes with seven different pattern nozzles to match any water pattern type. The automatic system allows the hose to retract it’s pathetic with any tangling.

What we like the most

  • The exterior design is pretty good, and the pivot is flexible in covering 180 degrees. The shiny black colour hose reel is highly durable in all climates, and it is pretty easy to assemble the hose reel.

What are the downsides

  • The unit is a bit heavy. So, you have to assemble and install the whole hose reel with high care.

7. Gardena lightweight hose reel

Gardena comes with a space-saving hose reel that quickly fits your small garden area. The lightweight and the portability makes the hose reel more popular in the market. You can quickly move the hose reel according to your needs.

The construction

  • The blue and grey combination of the hose reel makes it look elegant. It is made up of high quality and durable plastic that withstand any kind of climatic conditions.

What we like the most

  • The unit is easy to carry and helps to manoeuvre the whole garden with less amount of time. The design is a bit heavy and thick. Thus, the unit provides its features for years.

What are the downsides

  • The unit is expensive when compared to other competitive models. But its worth every penny.

8. Suncast hose reel

Suncast resin hose reel is one of the best and highly recommended product on our list. Because it comes with a strongly built garden hose storage box to protect the reel from external factors, it helps you keep your garden hose safe and accessible. The swivelling base makes it convenient to water the plants from various angles.

The construction

  • The hose reel holds a 225ft garden hose with a 5/8 inch diameter. The ergonomic construction allows the hose reel and the garden hose to connect securely with high perfection. You can store any kind of garden hose without any sort of issues. The durable built quality hides the hose from the sun and rain. It also comes with a hose guide to handle the reel to store the garden hose with ease.

What we like the most

  • The whole unit is preassembled, and you need not worry about the installation. You can place the hose reel anywhere in your garden without any hesitation.

What are the downsides

  • Few customers are disappointed with the quality of the construction.

9. LibertyGarden four-wheel garden hose reel

The four-wheel garden hose reel of the LibertyGarden is another high-end hose reel used for household applications, farms, and commercial uses. The cast aluminium prevents the whole design from rust caused due to the exposure to rough and damp conditions. The brass fittings prevent wastage of water and any kind of leaky fittings.

The construction

  • The 13 gauge steel construction makes the hose reel to stay for years and years. The design can hold a 300ft hose with a 5/8inch diameter. The reel comes with a decorative scrollwork design to handle all your frequently used tools.

What we like the most

  • The handle has an excellent grip to move it from one place to another place quickly, and the tires are pneumatic to withstand all the pressures. Thus,  suitable for all kinds of gardens and industrial uses.

What are the downsides

  • The construction is a bit reactive to the external elements. By coating an extra layer of protective sealer or paint, you can make the new look last forever.

10. AMES side-mount reel

Finally, here is the low budget hose reel for your garden applications. AMES is a famous brand creating various garden tools for a very long time. AMES reel easy side mount reel features a solid design to suit outdoor living space. The hose reel is an excellent choice if your budget is low, and you are looking for an affordable one with good value for money.

The construction

  • The hose reel holds the hose well in the position, and the rewinding process eliminates the traditional kinks. It is capable of holding 100ft hose with a 5/8 inch diameter.

What we like the most

  • Most of the design is preassembled. To install the hose reel, you should mount it on the wall. The system is powerfully built with high-quality material to resist extreme climate conditions. The capacity is this hose reel is pretty impressive.

What are the downsides

  • Unlike other kits, the hose reel doesn’t include primary hose and nozzles in the pack.

Frequently asked questions

Best Garden Hose reels Reviews

What is a garden hose reel? Does it benefit your garden?

A garden hose reel is a cylindrical spindle made of metal or plastic to secure the water hose from tangles and kinks. When the hose reel left unreeled over the ground, the dirt and mud degrade its quality which causes further breakage to the hose. To avoid this, most gardeners use the hose reel to retract the hose after every use and protect it from external pressures. Thus, keep the garden clean and look more beautiful.

How long does the hose reel last?

It is most important the durability of the hose reel. Because investing money on a cheap quality hose reel is ridiculous and foolish. If the hose reel is made up using premium quality material, then it can last for years. You can have the same force of water delivering at every use. So, before buying the hose reel, you have to check for the warranty, durability, and construction quality.

How to install garden Hose reel?

The installation process of the hose reel is a bit confusing and tricky because each model differs from another model. The hose reels come in two types: Manual and automatic. As the name says, you have to rewind the hose manually after every use. Simultaneously, the automatic hose reel has the spring mechanism to retract the hose into the hose reel automatically. Both models come with the mechanical kit for easy installation. First, select a  place around your garden with a good water facility and make sure the wall can hold the hose reel. The automatic hose reel comes with the assembled parts, so you just need to fix the wall plugs and screws. Simultaneously, the rotatable hose reels and portable hose reels require to gather all the parts as per the manual before actually mounting on the wall.

Does the hose reel cover your entire garden?

Yes, the hose reel can hold a 500ft hose, which is quite long and entirely covers the entire garden. However, all the hose reel does not come with the same capability. Depending on your garden area, choose the best hose reel to deliver excellent water in all the directions.

How to attach a hose to a hose reel

It is effortless to attach the garden hose to the hose reel. Most garden hose reels come with a detailed manual that guides you to attach the hose to the reel easily.


We hope this article about the best garden hose reel helps you the next time you shop for a hose reel. Using a hose reel, you can wind up the hose smoothly without tangles and harsh kinking. It stores the hose properly in one place and protects your hose from muddy and wet grounds. Investing in a hose reel will also help you to keep your garden green, safe, and tidy. Stay safe and Happy Shopping!

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