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7 Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor 2023 Reviews

So you decided today was the day to try and decide on which dump cart you want to buy, to make your life that much easier. But purchasing the right kind of cart is never as simple as getting the first item you see. Luckily we have taken the time to work our way through the top products to help you get the best possible dump cart for your lawn tractor.

How to Choose the Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor

Best dump cart for lawn tractor

When choosing your dump cart you want to take into account the size of your lawn first and foremost. A smallholding will not need a 2000lb dump cart, you would instead be looking for a cart that can hold between 400-800lb. Smaller properties will mean less garden refuse in general so on average, your hauls will smaller. However, if you are on a large plot of land or even a farm, you should look at the at getting a heavy-duty dump cart that can handle the bigger loads.

Now, regardless of the size of your property, you need to always consider the terrain itself and the impact that can have on your dump carts. Rolling over rocks, sticks, stones and whatever treasures lie in your lawn, can easily cause wheels to break off and hitches to become detached mid-haul. Average suburban homes will do fine with a simple plastic cart with plastic wheels but if you have a lawn that is a bit larger and less tame, you will need something a bit sturdier.

Tractor dump carts should ideally have a steel frame and pneumatic tires to allow it to handle more rugged terrain. The frame itself will be absorbing plenty of the weight as well as the shock so smaller bins tend to be made from plastic whereas heavy-duty carts will have steel bins.

Now of course the final key to picking the perfect dump cart for your lawn tractor, is to look t the tractor itself. A huge machine pulling on a tiny cart will place a lot of strain on the load-bearing parts of the cart. In the same breath, a 4000lb dump cart filled to the brim is going to wreak havoc on your ridable lawn mowers motor. Always consider your average size haul in your garden and maybe add a few extra pounds for safety, to find the perfect cart for your tractor. The dump carts will all tell you a maximum suggested weight so you will not need to know the cubic measurements of your hauls.

So we have looked into the top dump carts for your lawn tractor, as a guide for you to use should you be looking to purchase one. The 7 carts chosen will not be in any order as they will cover different needs and so, will instead be done in regards to the size of the carts.

Top 7 Best Dump Cart For Lawn Tractor

7 Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor

Utility “10” 800lb – Agri-fab4.6
John Deere PCT-100JD tow-behind poly utility cart – John Deere4.2
GOR5-COM – Gorilla Carts4.8
Poly Tow-Behind Dump Cart – Agri-fab4.7
GOR6PS Poly Duty Yard Cart – Gorilla Carts4.9
Bannon Industrial-Grade Steel Wagon – Bannon4.8
Bannon Utility Trailer – Bannon4.6

1. Utility “10” 800lb – Agri-fab


Starting small we have the Utility “10” by Agri-Fab which holds up to 350lb or 160kg.

The bin is made from steel and painted matte black with the Agri-Fab logo embossed on the bin doors. The pneumatic tires measure at 13”x4” and use nylon bearings. Assembly of this cart is painless and fast and very straightforward. Agri-Fab normally has good customer service response, including a manual that will walk you through the whole process, step by step. Arriving at your door in a 42”x17.3”x14” box, and assembles standing at 60”x33”x28”.

This cart requires you to have your own set of wrenches and also does not come with a hitch pin, making it a bit less user friendly than similar products.

The product itself was not made from heavy gauge materials so it can feel a bit flimsy in a more rugged terrain. Because of the thin metal bin, this product is more suited for loads lighter than its maximum weight allowance. However, packed with care, this bin will go the distance.

This particular model comes in 3 sizes, namely, Utility “10”, Utility “12” and Utility “17”. They hold 350lb, 750lb and 1200lb respectively.


  • Reliable bearings and working parts
  • High quality tires
  • Range of sizes for different needs
  • Removable tailgate to make loading easier
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Affordable


  • Bin made of low gauge metals.
  • Not the easiest to assemble
  • Doesn’t come with hitch pin

2. John Deere PCT-100JD tow-behind poly utility cart – John Deere

Next on the list is the John Deere PCT-100JD tow-behind poly utility cart. It holds up 650lbs or 295kg. John Deere is a well-established brand and it should come as no surprise to see them on this list. The PCT-100JD comes with a steel tow-bar and frame but has a plastic bin, in the iconic green. The plastic itself is sturdy and reliable and has been found more than adequate for almost any basic gardening need. However, if you are moving gravel, logs or any kind of debris that may have exposed nails or screws, the plastic will be scuffed rather easily, if not broken in the worst case scenario.

The assembly of this cart is straightforward and, following the given instructions, should be done in no time at all.

The tires are pneumatic and measure 15”x6”, boasting bright yellow rims. The cart itself weighs 188lbs and measures at 69”x39.5”x27.5”.

Although the actual bin is quite shallow, it does allow for the addition of wall extenders and dividers, making transit a lot easier. These extensions will also have to be purchased separately.

The cherry on top with this cart, is the ease of use. With its universal hitch, almost any tractor or lawnmower can attach to this cart, making it user friendly for both novice gardeners and professionals alike.


  • Assembly is easy and doesn’t require special tools
  • Universal hitch makes it fit almost any tractor/lawnmower
  • Comes from a trusted brand
  • Foot pedal release for easy loading and off-loading
  • Frame is solid and coated in powder paint, making it scratch resistant
  • Bin allows for dividers to separate loads during transit
  • Tires are wide, have great traction and strong welded rims


  • Plastic bin
  • Bin is shallower than others in this price range
  • Not as affordable as other brands

3. GOR5-COM – Gorilla Carts

Gorilla Carts take our next slot with their 800lb (360kg) hauler, the GOR5-COM. Another entry on the list with a plastic bin and steel frames. It boasts a quick release switch to make dumping quick and easy but can become unbalanced if the load is awkward.

It does, however, manage to feel smooth over rugged terrain thanks to its 10” pneumatic tires.

Once assemble it stands at 37.5”x23.8”20.2” and weighs 58lbs. For this weight, it pulls a surprisingly large load but has trouble always staying where you leave, causing it to roll down inclines. Once evenly loaded, this problem seems to be avoided.

The design feels sleek and simple and the handle has been made to switch from being a tow bar, to a handlebar, allowing for those tricky hauls to be completed easily. The handle itself comes with a black padding that is durable and soft.

The company who make this product specialize in dump carts and have managed to make this plastic bin feel far sturdier than many of its counterparts. Like the John Deere model, the plastic bin has room for dividers and extensions, should you need them.


  • Easy dumping with the quick release switch
  • Lightweight cart with a surprisingly high haul capacity
  • Convertible handle for towing or manual pulling
  • Specialist brand
  • 1 year warranty
  • Far more affordable than other competitors


  • Another product that has plastic bins on a cart meant for larger hauls
  • Not as stable as other carts

4. Poly Tow-Behind Dump Cart – Agri-fab

Agri-Fab also has a wonderful 800lb entry on the list. The poly tow-behind dump cart with a black plastic bin and orange steel frame. It is coated in scratch resistant powder paint and is also not affected by rust..

The greased pneumatic wheels measure at 16’x6.5” and have very good thread on them, allowing for superior grip. However, this is another cart that can easily lose balance and roll if the bin is loaded in a lopsided manner.

Assembled, this cart measures 72”x32”x42” and weighs 101lbs, making it the heavier but more durable of the two 800lb options. A tall frame ensure that tilting the bin, in order to release the load, is easy and requires less manual labour on your part. The bin itself is also wide and very deep in comparison and also allows for extensions to be added.

This cart has a nifty foot-activated dump pedal, providing you with that extra bit of efficiency. Another very good hitch pin used on this cart, allowing for attachment to multiple vehicles.

The brand has a large presence in the agricultural community and so their quality is known to be of a high standard.


  • Universal hitch for easy attachment
  • Brand is known for high quality products
  • Tires are greased and sturdy
  • The bin is spacious and can be altered with extensions to hold even more
  • Foot activated dump pedal
  • The frame is made from strong materials, preventing any rust


  • Another plastic bin for cart designed for large loads
  • Unloaded, loses balance on uneven surfaces
  • Not the most affordable cart

5. GOR6PS Poly Duty Yard Cart – Gorilla Carts

Our next entry is once again a Gorilla Carts product. The GOR6PS is a remarkably tough cart, although it still comes with a plastic bin, restricting the cargo it can haul. This bin is however, made from a very durable plastic and is supported by a rust-proof poly frame, handling most of the load stress. The bin also comes with extension slots but does not boast a large carry space without them.

Able to carry loads of up to 1200lbs (545kg) on its 13” pneumatic tires. It boasts a sleek all-black design and impressive ground clearance make it an effective in many environments. The handle is multi-purpose just as with the GOR5-COM and comes with the same black padding, should you wish to pull it by hand.

Set up of this product is simple and although assembly will be required, the task will be a breeze.

Measuring 44”x25.8”x26.2” and weighing 54lbs, it manages to feel sturdy and be easy to store, without disassembling it, at the same time.

Gorilla carts have added their patented quick-release latch that allows for easy dumping. As you would expect from a company that specializes in carts, they strive to produce high quality products. This cart does not have any problems hauling the 1200lb limit and you can rest assured that what it claims to handle, it can.


  • Patented quick-release dump system
  • Heavy duty, rust-proof poly frame
  • Does not roll on uneven surfaces very easily
  • Handle is multi-purpose and padded
  • True maximum haul of 1200lbs
  • 1 year warranty


  • Bin is plastic (although durable)
  • The cubic restrictions of this hauler for being a 1200lb carrier, is disappointing
  • Expensive model for a lot of people

6. Bannon Industrial-Grade Steel Wagon – Bannon

Making their début on this list is Bannon with their industrial-grade steel wagon, holding up to 1500lbs (680kg). Grey bin and black frame makes this the most rugged looking of the carts on this list. It has fold away sides allowing for you to haul multiple kinds of cargo by converting it from cart to flat-bed. This steel bin does not allow for any extensions or dividers but a plank cut to the right size should do the job just fine.

Like Gorilla Carts, the handle is multi-purpose and can be switched between hand and vehicle towing.

The base of the bin has a 3mm rubber lining which is both a pro and a con. It will ensure the cargo does not move during transit but will need to be replaced after regular use of the cart.

The rims of the 15” pneumatic tires are fully welded, making any terrain traversable by this cart. Added to this, the wheels have pivot-steering technology, allowing for tighter turns and more manoeuvrability. Easy to assemble and highly reliable, this cart is a must for those transporting heavy or unusual cargo. Standing at 52”x34”x12” and weighing 130lbs, this cart will take up a lot of space, wherever you choose to keep it.


  • Rubber lining in a steel mesh bin for smooth hauls
  • Bin can convert to a flat-bed to hold wide loads
  • All the materials used are industrial grade
  • Carts ground clearance makes it useful on any terrain
  • Very unlikely that this cart will need replacement
  • Very affordable for its size


  • Bulky design and not easy to store
  • Colours of the cart are dull
  • No quick release latch for off-loading

7. Bannon Utility Trailer – Bannon

And the last dump cart to consider for loads of up to 1600lbs (725kg) is another Bannon product. The Bannon utility trailer. With a bright orange steel bin that boasts flared sides panels to hold more volume in its cage. A black steel frame and foldable tailgate (which doubles as a loading ramp) make the cart rather aesthetically pleasing. All panels can be removed on this model in order to use it as a flat bed for wider cargo. Although it does look better than the smaller model, it is still rather bulky. The product itself comes boxed with tool holders and everything you would need for assembly. Attachment of this cart to your tractor is made simple by its dual-action 3 point hitch and built-in level alignment.

Wheels are, of course, pneumatic, measuring 18” and unlike other carts, comes with 2 sets of dual tires. The front axle is stationery while the rear axle pivots and boasts crawling tires.

This cart is our largest, standing at 91”x56”x36” and weighing 379lbs, making it much more difficult to set up than any of the other carts as well as making storage for the product very tricky.

Bannon guarantees a dedicated team of experts to help you navigate its products.


  • This cart proves to be the most suitable for any terrain (will not roll on inclines either)
  • Comes with tool and chainsaw holders
  • Dual hitch with built-in level alignment
  • All materials used are industrial grade quality
  • Double sets of dual-design wheels
  • Maximum weight is plenty and can hold unusual loads when converted to a flat-bed
  • Dedicated support team for customers


  • Most expensive cart on the list
  • Hard to find storage space for
  • Bulky design and flaps
  • Designed for larger properties

So when buying a dump cart always remember that most, if not all carts come in boxes and will require some assembly on your part, so make sure you have screwdrivers and some wrenches. When the cart is assembled, grease the wheels. Some companies will provide you with grease but you should get some anyway, as you will have to grease often with regular use. Always hold onto your warranties and if anything should ever go wrong with the product, contact the manufacturer as well as the supplier.

When deciding over plastic or steel bins, look at what your needs are in regards to your surroundings. Plastic bins are perfect if you are renting a property and wish to do some basic gardening to pretty up your environment. They are generally smaller and lighter and storage would not be a problem with them. Steel bins, however, are aimed at those with more permanent storage as well as plans for large scope renovations of their land. They are more durable and will therefore not often need to be replaced, but are the more expensive option generally.


Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractor Reviews

Ultimately, a dump cart for your garden tractor is a wise investment and will greatly reduce your day to day workload. Hauling anything can always be a dangerous endeavour especially if you don’t have the right tools. So make sure you are well prepared for your next project. Hopefully our list helped to reduce the confusion for potential buyers or even settle the decision for others. Have a great haul and enjoy the gardens!

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