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10 Best Commercial Weed Eater 2023 Reviews


Most people think Garderening is a simple and easy task. But weeds in the garden decrease your confidence and make the job even tougher. Unfortunately, In the process of watering, we give enough energy for both plants and unwanted weeds. Weeds and scrubs decrease the growth of your plants and even change your garden look. A commercial-grade weed eater is a vital tool to get rid of the weeds and keep your garden safe. Weed eaters are also known as a string trimmer, and every lawn care professional knows the importance of weed eaters.

However, getting the best commercial weed eater is a cumbersome task. You have to go through lots of research and find the best one that works smoothly in your hands. To simplify your shopping,  we made a list of the top 10 best commercial weed eaters that deliver continuous power and also withstand for hours.

How to choose the best commercial weed eater:


There are dozens of weed eaters available in the current marketplace. But many of the models manufactured for semi-professional use will not resist heavy-duty needs and breaks down in the middle of garden works. Selecting a weed eater without any prior knowledge is a tough thing to do. A commercial weed eater should be strong, durable and powerful to trim all kinds of weeds. Here is a detailed buying guide that helps you to choose the right one:

1. Size and weight:

Commercial weed eaters are more massive when compared to the normal one. Weight and size are the two main features you should check in commercial weed eaters. The weight must be light enough and comfortable for you to carry in around the garden for long periods. Size of the commercial weed eaters refers to the cutting head. The size of the head must be larger enough to cut the weeds faster. It would help if you had larger cutting heads for big yards and smaller cutting head for the tight corners.

2. Engine type:

Commercial weed eater engines feature two types of engines. The first one is the 2-cycle engine, and the second one is the 4-cycle engine.

  • 2-cycle engine type:

The 2-cycle stroke engine generates more power which is very important to run commercial string trimmer smoothly. But the problem with this engine is it is deafening and finish the power cycle within two strokes of the piston.

  • 4-cycle engine type:

Four cycle engines are easier to work with and require gas to get operated. They are less quiet when compared to the 2-cycle engine and durable.

Both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine types come with their pros and cons. It is your choice to select the one based on your requirements.

3. Power:

Unlike standard garden trimmer models, commercial weed eaters need more power and strength to be on the fields for long hours. The power of the weed eater is equal to its efficiency-the power usually measured in two numbers: HP and CC. HP, as we already know from our childhood physics textbooks, refers to horsepower. CC is known as cubic centimeters used to measure the power of any machine. CC is a number used to measure the displacement of the engine. HP is s number that tells you the power of the engine. You should choose an engine with high HP power to cut the weeds effectively.

4. Power Source:

Commercial weed eaters takes the help of two power sources to run smoothly. The one that runs with the power of gas and the one that comes with cordless rechargeable. There are few models of corded powered machines, but there are no use for larger yards. The gas versions usually offer lots of power and work for a long time. The battery-powered weed eaters offer the same torque as gas trimmers and almost does the same.

5. Shaft:

When it comes to discussing the shafts of commercial weed eaters, you should remember two main types: curved and straight. A curved shaft comes with a curve on the end of the cutting head which perfectly suits for beginners. The light and ergonomic design make it easy to use anywhere. But it is very tough to use a curved shaft to cut the weed under corner bushes. The straight shaft comes with a straight cutting head which are very flexible and more precise. They are heavier when compared to a curved one and also hard to maneuver it around the garden for beginners.

6. Cutting head:

The cutting head is an integral part of the commercial weed eaters cause it faces the toughness of stubborn weeds. Here are the three common types of cutting heads:

  • Fixed head
  • Automatic head
  • Bump head

The fixed head is a common type of model used in most of the residential garden needs. It works for a long time until the sharpness gets worn up due to the toughness of weed and you need to replace it. The dump head cutters offer more control on the machine, and useful for commercial lawn care. The automatic head features a spinning motor which cuts the weed, maintaining consistent length throughout the job.

Top 10 best commercial weed eater

Husqvarna 128LD 17inch string trimmer4.9
Makita 18V LXT Lithium-ion cordless string trimmer4.8
ECHO GT -225 gas trimmer4.8
WORX WG163 GT 3.0 cordless weed eater4.8
Black&Decker Electric lawnmower4.4
Greenworks electric string trimmer4.7
Troy-Bilt 27cc weed eater4.3
Toro electric trimmer4.6
Black&Decker cordless string trimmer4.8
WeedEater gas trimmer4.4

If you are wondering where you can find all the best commercial weed eaters at one place, you are in the right place. Here are the top ten commercial weed eaters that we chose after hours of research and hardwork.

1. Husqvarna 128LD 17inch string trimmer

Husqvarna brand is well known for manufacturing high quality and lightweight gardening tools to help the landscaper and gardeners. The design of this string trimmer is versatile and suitable to clear the unwanted shrubs and weeds of your garden.

The design:

The whole unit runs with a two-cycle 28cc engine at a higher horsepower rate to complete the trimming within minutes. It also has lightweight construction which helps the gardeners to hold the unit for hours and hours with any hesitation. The engine uses the gas power to power up the 17inch trimmer head and has smooth cutting.

Best Features:

The rugged construction makes the weed eater durable to external climatic conditions. A translucent fuel tank design allows the users to quickly check the level of the fuel and refill it consistently. It also comes at affordable prices, and I feel this is the best product that you should invest in and make your garden look more beautiful than ever.

What are the downsides:

As we know that two-cycle engines are a bit noisy, it also gives some extra noise while cutting the weeds. Other than that, everything good about the product.

2. Makita 18V LXT Lithium-ion cordless string trimmer

Makita is another reputed brand coming up with the best designs to maintain the garden quickly and conveniently. The Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT lithium-ion weed eater enhances your gardening skills and also save your garden from all kind of weeds and shrubs.

The design:

It uses a lithium-ion battery of 18V to power up the system. The system device is capable of functioning 7,800 rotations per minute which means that you can finish your job within less time. The lightweight construction of the battery unit and the shaft are advantageous features of this product to have more incredible speed and performance in trimming the weeds.

Best Features:

The design is compact and comes with a telescoping shaft to increase the flexibility in shaft length. By simple adjusting, you can limit the size from 48.5 inches to 56.5 inches and also match your height. The 180-degree rotatable head and adjustable pistons design give the ideal for edge trimming, thus satisfy your gardening.

What are the downsides:

The kit doesn’t include any battery which disappoints most of the customers. You have separately bought the charger and battery to power up the mechanism.

3. ECHO GT -225 gas trimmer

The ECHO curved shaft gas weed eater comes in the third position of our list. The ergonomic design and the quick-start mechanism is excellent for the regular gardeners. For those who love gas-powered units, this is the best one to pick up.

The design:

GT-225 ECHO design features a two-cycle 21.2cc engine to increase the operation for hours and hours. The shaft is curved a bit to make the whole trimming process more flexible and easy to do on even and uneven terrains.

Best Features:

The lightweight design of the trimmer reduces the stress and strain of the user when trimming large areas. The construction is highly rugged and easily withstand all the hit and humid temperatures.

What are the downsides:

It has the best anti-vibration technology design to keep the unit stable, and all the features meet customer expectations.

4. WORX WG163 GT 3.0 cordless weed eater

WORX cordless weed eater features a sturdy design and comes with a grip handle for easy and precise cutting. The unit uses DC lithium batteries to boost the engine mechanism and need not worry about the fuel like gas string trimmers.

The design:

The machine uses 20voltage lithium batteries to start the mechanism. It also has a 90degree rotatable head to easily trim and cut at the edge positions and uneven terrains. The 12inch cutting diameter, 10-inch cutting length, and 0.065inch line diameter are excellent to have sharp trimming.

Best Features:

The unit comes with rubberized wheels to add powerful speed to your trimming. Unlike other brands, it includes a battery, charger, and a command spool to give you a line to make your gardening quicker and simpler.

What are the downsides:

The 2 in 1 unit is flexible and quickly turns into a trimmer and edge cutter. But, the quality and construction of the unit make the product a bit expensive.

5. Black&Decker Electric lawnmower

To make your mowing, trimming, and edge cutting easier,  here is a fantastic tool from Black&Decker. The design of the electric lawn mower is versatile and is highly flexible to shaft adjustment.

The design:

It is a 3 in 1 tool with a high power drive to enhance the speed of cutting and edging tough weeds and shaping overgrowth terrains. To have greater flexibility in edging the string trimmer takes the support of the wheel guide. It includes an adjustable handle to smoothen your trimming process.

Best Features:

It uses AF-100 and the gear drive to deliver equal amounts of power to all the grass types. The lightweight construction and automatic feed spool simplifies your job and get it done within less time than you expected.

What are the downsides:

The cord and the unit are pretty good for small yards. And most of the people loved the design and construction.

6. Greenworks electric string trimmer

Greenworks is one of the reputed brands in the market. The 21142 10amp straight shaft string trimmer is an ideal choice for most of the commercial applications. The impressive part of the trimmer is it has a 4-year warranty. So,  you can trust this one and use it without any hesitation.

The design:

The corded electric trimmer is capable of delivering high power to the motor, and hence you can have sharp trimming in your garden. It also includes a cutting shaft of 18inch, which is quite big and quickly cover a larger area.

Best Features:

The dual-line head, bump feed system, and the adjustable shaft does the work amazingly to add comfort to your trimming. And the light in weight construction, cushion grip features makes the unit flexible to all the ages. So do not worry, the machine helps your job to get done quickly.

What are the downsides:

As the unit uses corded design,  you have to limit your access. Especially those who have large yards should restrict their boundaries.

7. Troy-Bilt 27cc weed eater

Troy-Bilt 27cc weed eater is a commercial level gardening tool that works perfectly. The brush cutter is capable of trimming rough landscapes with this super-powered engine. It also features different types of attachments and makes the trimming process simplified.

The design:

The machine uses a 27cc two-cycle gas brushcutter to clear the tough weeds. It also includes an adjustable J-handle to have a more remarkable ability to move in required directions. Further, the 8 inches 4 tooth steel brush blade can cut your vegetation with high speed than you expect l.

Best Features:

Jumpstart technology and crankshaft technology allows the engine to start quickly and also reduce the massive vibration issues like other models. The light in weight construction and durable steel makes the tool Best suitable for mowing and trimming.

What are the downsides:

The unit does not come with the attachments; you have to be them separately. Apart from that, every aspect is appreciable.

8. Toro electric trimmer

Toro is a famous brand for manufacturing the garden trimmers and garden blowers. The Toro 51480 corded electric trimmer is one of its popular products. The adjustable shaft and rotating head are impressive and highly recommended for small yards.

The design:

The unit comes with rugged construction and a 14-inch cord to power up the mechanism. The 14-inch dual-line cutting width is versatile to make your lawn look more beautiful. The top to bottom construction of the tool makes it simpler to make the gardener and landscapers comfortable.

Best Features:

Unlike other systems, you need not worry about fuel or rechargeability. The cord gives your unit 5amp power to cut the extra grown plants and weeds in your garden. This weed eater comes with two years warranty, so you dont have to worry about the damages.

What are the downsides:

Few customers feel the bottom head of the trimmer is a bit heavy and difficult to put in line.

9. Black&Decker cordless string trimmer

Here is another beautiful model from Black and Decker to meet your commercial uses. The LST136 design comes with advanced features to increase and decrease the level of speed based on the level of weeds and bushes.

The design:

The unit uses a 40V battery which is capable of delivering power from the motor to blade for hours and hours without any distractions. Also, by merely shifting, you can use the trimmer as the edger and efficiently clear the weed at uneven areas and edges. The 13-inch cut swath can cut the high volume weeds at ease.

Best Features:

The 52inch shaft length allows the gardener to stand safe from the debris and dust emitted during the trimming process. Further, the speed alteration is a unique feature that changes add benefit to your trimming and save power.

What are the downsides:

Everyone loved the study design and the outstanding features of this design. But the regretting part is the unit is a little pricey.

10. WeedEater gas trimmer

WeedEater W25SFK  is the last one on our list, but dont underestimate its power and efficiency. The perfect design is suitable for both small and larger yards. It uses a gas fuel mechanism to power up the engine. So, filling the tank once, you can run the unit throughout the day without any hesitations.

The design:

The model uses a two-cycle 25cc engine to power the mechanism. The design comprises a 15inch cutting width which is quite reasonable to trim high width weeds. Moreover, the two start system allows the unit to start quickly.

Best Features:

The shaft and the blades are thick enough to resist harsh climates. Especially for the gardener and landscapers who have no idea about smart technology, this gas trimmer is the right choice for them.

What are the downsides:

The straight shaft design is pretty good, but few customers are disappointed with the quality.

Frequently asked questions


What is a weed eater?

A weed eater is an efficient gardening tools to cut the grass and chop off the unwanted weed growing under cover of grass. In simple words, it is a string trimmer that cuts all the harmful shrubs, weed and bushes that kills the growth of your garden.

What are the precautions you should take while using a commercial weed eater?

Yes, you have to be very careful while using the weed eater regularly because weed eaters use fuel, cord or cordless batteries to run the system. During the processing time, they emit few gases and other emitting elements into space, which are not suitable for human inhalation. Even the cutting blade emits lots of dirt and debris into the air while trimming the weeds. So, you have to cover your legs, put on gloves, and also wear a mask to avoid all the harmful elements touching your body. Thus,  prevent your body from injuries and infections.

How to use the trimmer head of weed eater?

It is a common question you ask if you are new to the field of gardening then you should go through the manual before using it. Because a simple change in shifting the position of the rotating head can make the debris and the other small green dust blew over your head. And even sometimes cause injuries to your hands and legs. Invariably track the movements of the rotating head and get the particles to drift away from your direction.

Does the telescopic shaft benefit your string trimming?

Yes, telescopic shafts play an essential role in trimming the weeds. The adjustable shaft allows the user or the gardener to match the shaft according to their height. And hence you can cut the weeds which are a bit away from your place at ease. The shaft even makes you feel comfortable and keeps you back straight in the process of cutting. For those who are suffering from back pain issues, the string trimmers with telescopic shafts are the best choice.

How to clean and maintain a weed eater?

Weed eaters need regular maintenance just like other gardening tools to be able to perform at maximum capacity and last for a long time.  You should clean this gardening tool after every use. You can use a brush to remove the grass, weeds and debris left in the machine.

Use a brush to clean up the weeds, grass and debris left in the machine. You need to soak the air filters in hot water and detergents for ten hours after the use. Rinse it and dry it well. Add some drops of motor oil to prevent the efficiency of the engine.


If you want to keep your garden healthy, green, growing and glowing, you need to invest in the best commercial weed eater. Before making the purchase, go through the buying guide and our top ten list of commercial weed eaters that helps you to choose the right one.


10 Best Commercial String Trimmers 2021 Reviews

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