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10 Best Battery Operated Weed Eater 2023 Reviews

Done with the mowing of your lawn with the heavy lawnmower? We know that you are not still satisfied as to the corner and sharp edges where your mower could make its way, are now ruining all the hard work you just did. But not too much worry about that, as you have the option to go for weed eater. No matter what you call it, string trimmer, weed whacker, or weed eater, this machine knows its job and never fails.

Here, we would like to suggest you that never ever opt for a gas-powered weed eater, they are heavy, way less durable, high maintenance, too noisy, and above all, these are bad for the environment. As a gardener, we understand that you believe in leaving as fewer carbon footprints as you can, then there is no point in using a gas-powered string trimmer.

We will talk about the battery operated weed eater only, which has been a constant and impeccable help in gardening purposes for years. Yes, these trimmers were used to be very expensive machines at first but now, these small and light handy beasts are first love for serious and professional gardeners.

You might have heard people claiming these weed eaters waste of money, as they believe that lawnmowers are the real backbone of gardening and to its addition, even we can’t disagree. Lawnmowers are capable machines to provide seamless finishing on the grass bed, but that doesn’t outcast the need for a string trimmer.

Battery operated weed eaters are way more versatile than a lawnmower, undoubtedly, you find more power in a lawnmower, but this string trimmer reaches the places where the bigger machine cannot. Also, you will notice that after owning a trimmer like this, you are more frequently using this tool from the shed than any other. There are many battery operated weed eaters claiming to be the best, let’s first learn how to choose the best one for your lawn grass.

How to Choose the Best Battery Powered Weed Eater

10 Best Battery Operated Weed Eater Reviews

There are many different aspects of the best battery powered weed eater, as we always say, there is no meaning of best. The best is nothing but a combination of two satisfactions, one is budget and the other one is a requirement. If you receive a product that fits your budget and solves the purpose you were looking for, that’s best for you, while for the same product, views can be different for some other person with a budget mismatch or unfulfilled requirement or sometimes both.

But here we will guide you to pick the best battery powered string trimmer according to the general points, which are unstated but has to be in the brain before actually paying for the machine. Let’s start it without wasting any minute.

Cord or Cordless Trimmers

If you are someone who never likes getting bound into limits, then weed eaters with cord are not made for you. We anyway suggest you buy a cordless machine than a cord one, as they are way more convenient. But, at the same time, a corded weed whacker will never run out of juice and will keep performing its task until your hit the stop button, while on the other hand, the cordless machine will die immediately once it loses all the charge inside.

Type & Duration of Battery

There are maximum chances of finding a battery-powered weed eater to be having a Lithium-ion battery and chances are few to see a NI-Cad battery. These are the two types that are available in the market, and you better choose for the Li-ion battery pack over anything. First of all, the Li-ion batteries are pretty lighter than Ni-Cad batteries, almost two times.

Moreover, the Li-ion battery performs much more than Ni-Cad in one go. Ni-Cad battery pack experiences a graph of slowdown when it loses its battery charge, while the Li-ion one will perform evenly throughout the cycle. And to the top of it, Li-ion batteries are 3 times more durable as you can charge them for 300% times more than that of Ni-Cad batteries.

Type of the weed eater

There are two types of string trimmers available in the market, Straight Trimmer & Curved Trimmer. The only difference between these 2 is their shaft shape. We prefer a straight trimmer shaft over a curved one as a straight shaft is easy to handle and can reach corners more easily than a curved shaft one. Curved shaft trimmers are absolutely a great option for open fields but then, what would the lawnmower be doing then?

Top 10 Best Battery Operated Weed Eater

Best Battery Operated Weed Eater

Aiper 20V Max Cordless String Trimmer / Edger4.7
Paxcess Cordless String Trimmer / Edger, Detachable Weed Eater4.8
Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12" Cordless String Trimmer & Edger4.6
Black+Decker 20V Max String Trimmer4.4
Craftsman V60 Weed Whacker String Trimmer (CMCST960E1)4.9
Worx WG162 20V 12" Cordless String Trimmer / Edger4.6
Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-ion Cordless String Trimmer4.6
Greenworks 12 Inch 40V G-MAX Cordless String Trimmer4.7
Worx WG930.2 20V PowerShare 10" Cordless String Trimmer & Turbine Blower Combo Kit4.6
Ego Power+ ST1502LB 15 Inch String Trimmer & 530CFM Blower Combo Kit4.7

1. Aiper 20V Max Cordless String Trimmer / Edger

Brand: Aiper

Power: 20V Lithium-ion Battery

This machine holds the capacity to make you skip the article right here and buy it right now. It has everything you can think of, it’s a combo of trimmer + edger, which is rare to find in such a closely packed budget of just $109.99.

Aiper 20V max allows you to work on tough sloped terrains, as it’s handle is fully adjustable, you do not need to worry about adjusting your hand on a painful angle, let this awesome machine do the needful for you effortlessly. This weed eater comes with 2 batteries, using one at a time, this enables you to continue working even if any of the battery pack runs out of juice. Amazing, right?


  • 2 x 20V Battery Packs included
  • Automatic Feed Spool for uninterrupted working
  • Sturdy & durable for a longer lifespan
  • 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee & 18 Months Warranty


  • Ultra-light (6.2 lbs) weight for effortless work.
  • 2 in1, Operate as both trimmer & edger.
  • Durable & space saving stacking.


  • No complaints yet.

2. Paxcess Cordless String Trimmer / Edger, Detachable Weed Eater


Power: 20V Lithium-ion Battery

This weed eater may sound a little new to you, but this doesn’t drop its rating at all, a 5-star rated item with every attachment you may or may not need for your gardening perfection. A must-have for those who like things clean and sleek, that too in no time. With a free rotation of around 8500 times, the blades can literally perform the trimming task without letting the weed even know.

Worried about your lawn ornaments or small plants? Well, this smart trimmer takes charge with that concern in its system too, the adjustable spacer safeguard knows the work perfectly. You have the option to plug in the weed whacker with long cord, and if you think that’s not your type, not an issue as the brand sends this beast with 2 set of battery packs, use them one by one and we are sure that those will solve your purpose no matter how big your lawn is.


  • 2 x 20V Lithium-ion Battery Packs included
  • Different attachments for multi-purpose usage
  • Light-weight body with seamless performance
  • 18 months warranty


  • Light weight (6 lbs) trimmer.
  • Numerous attachments for multi-purpose usage.
  • Study design & vertical stacking enabled.


  • Not designed to handle bushes.

3. Worx WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

Brand: WORX

Power: 20V or 40V (optional) Li-ion Battery

Another fine machine that is able to turn into an edge sharpening tool from a trimmer in just one adjustment takes less than a couple of seconds. This comes handy with an instant push-button which enables a command feed pool for quick line feeding. The option to change the battery from 20V to 40V instantly adds up more than double to the run duration.

The head tilts right from 0 to 90 degrees so that nothing can come in your way and if anything does, just tilt the head and move on in style. The rubber wheels feel smooth to run and requires the minimum of efforts. Bliss.


  • 2 x 20V Lithium-ion Battery Packs included
  • Rubber wheels for smooth movements
  • Tilt head operations 0 to 90 degrees seamlessly
  • Push button for instant Command Feed Spool System


  • Battery options of 20V & 40V.
  • Innovative push button for Instant Line Feeding.
  • Option to buy without batteries too.


  • 40V battery just adds up in run time and not power.

4. Black+Decker 20V Max String Trimmer


Powe: 20V Li-ion Battery

Decker has been a renowned name in the field of proving gardening machines for years now, came up with this beautifully ultra-light economical string trimmer, presentable enough to impress anyone with both its looks and performance. With this piece, you can literally go into tight spaces that were either set to left or needed a scissor with a whole lot of time.

With its 2 modes of speeds, you can decide whether you want a sharp performance or a long run race. This machine has set the bar of economical weed eaters quite high for being too sturdy for such a low price. If you are tight on budget, here is the perfect solution for you.


  • 1 x 20V Lithium-ion Battery Pack
  • 2 in 1, trimmer & wheeled edger
  • Automatic Feed Spool
  • 2-speed control for better performance & longer run-time


  • 2 Speed option for greater outputs
  • Automatic Feed Spool, requires no bumping.
  • Power drive transmission for extra torque


  • May get hot after continuous usage.

5. Craftsman V60 Weed Whacker String Trimmer (CMCST960E1)


Power: 2.5 Ah Battery Pack

From the house of Craftsmen, we introduce you to the one-stop solution for all your trimmer & weed killing needs. This machine is powered with 2.5 Ah beast battery pack attached with 2-speed options, allowing the machine to perform to outcast all other competitors effortlessly.

With ergonomic adjustable length, you can make the machine comfortable to use as per your height. The quick wind pool system is enough to turn around the eyes towards you. We suggest you attach this beast with Versatrack Wall Organization System, to save space in your garage, sold separately.


  • 5 Ah Powerful Battery Pack
  • Comes with 15″ cutting swath
  • Quickwind Spool System
  • 4 Year Limited Warranty


  • 2 Speed option for greater outputs.
  • Ergonomic Adjustable Pole for heighted guys.
  • Brushless motor for smooth operations.


  • Guard is a bit small, makes it less safe for nearby people.

6. Worx WG162 20V 12″ Cordless String Trimmer / Edger

Brand: WORX

Power: 20V Lithium-ion Battery

The predecessor to the above-listed weed eater, this machine comes with a lesser price tag on it. Following the same 2 in 1, edger + trimmer pattern, this weed eater too features head tilts & optional to use either a 20V or 40V battery pack.

We have discussed already the successor design of this version, the only difference apart from the performance can be the size of the guard, in the newer version i.e. WG163, the flower guard is bigger and more convenient. Also, the output in this version is lagging the newer one, which proves why this one is cheaper.


  • Twist the shaft to turn into edger from trimmer
  • Pivoting head with 0 to 90-degree tilt
  • Auto line feed


  • Telescopic Shaft for any height.
  • Options to use 20V or 40V battery pack.
  • 2 in 1, trimmer + edger operations


  • 0.2 lbs. heavier than WG163, and less performing too.

7. Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-ion Cordless String Trimmer


Power: 18V Li-ion Battery

Makita is probably our favorite and comes on the most reliable brands as far as the gardening needs are concerned. With its rotation of 7800 times per minute, you can seamlessly perform any task with top-level precision.

This machine is perfect for those who look for body balance and precise cutting. The compact design is set to reach those tight spaces which are hard to reach but look beautiful once done. You can adjust the length from anywhere between 48½ to 56½” with the help of a telescopic shaft.


  • 18V Li-ion Battery Pack
  • Fast cutting with 7800 RPM
  • Comes with a shoulder strap


  • Telescopic Shaft for adjustment from 48½ to 56½”.
  • Made with durable and sturdy material, feels premium.
  • 2 in 1, trimmer + edger operations


  • Battery & Charger are sold separately, making it an option with higher price tag.

8. Greenworks 12 Inch 40V G-MAX Cordless String Trimmer


Power: 4 Ah Battery Pack

This green beast is the one you were looking for. One single answer for numerous gardening related queries, this machine flaunts the ability to switch multiple speed modes for crisp performance and unmatched results.

With power on demand like features, Greenworks has justified the price tag. If we talk about noise, well this beauty creates 10 times less noise than your conventional gas-powered one.


  • 4 Ah Battery pack
  • Compatible with 40V G-MAX battery pack
  • Dual-line with auto-feed head


  • Auto feed head to rip off weed in speed.
  • Variable Speed for unmatched performance.
  • Most versatile machine in its range


  • Auto feed string head doesn’t put out long enough lead of string.

9. Worx WG930.2 20V PowerShare 10″ Cordless String Trimmer & Turbine Blower Combo Kit

Brand: WORX

Power: 20V Li-ion Battery

This is a must-have combo kit, what else you can expect better than a pair of a weed eater & blower? This kit proves to be economical only in your pocket, whereas the performance looks too clean to believe the price tag. The GT revolution turns the weed eater into an edger and then into a mini mower with a single click and turn. Impressive, right?

The bottom line for this product is simple, no other product can list as many features as this machine is doing.


  • Option to use 2 Ah or 4 Ah Battery
  • Turbine tech, inspired by jet plane
  • The quietest blower in the segment


  • Blower throws thick 360 CFM stream of air.
  • GT revolution for smooth operations.
  • Light as 6 lbs. perfect for one-hand operation.


  • Only the blower performance can be an issue.

10. Ego Power+ ST1502LB 15 Inch String Trimmer & 530CFM Blower Combo Kit

Brand: EGO

Power: 2.5 Ah Battery Pack

Another combo pack and this time from a brand like EGO are probably all that you need for the lawn after a lawnmower. This piece has promised to deliver beyond expectation and eventually performing likewise. With a superb performing lightweight weed eater, this combo packs an almost silent yet powerful blower with 530 CFM air throw.

This 15″ string trimmer is loaded with a rapid reload head, helping you to achieve the fine cuts you always were craving for.


  • Brushless motor for reduced vibrations & longer lifespan
  • Compatible with all EGO Power+ batteries
  • Power & performance as good as gas
  • Sturdy design to last long


  • Supports fast charging (ETA 50 mins).
  • Weather resistant construction.
  • Variable Speed with brushless motor.


  • A bit on expensive side.


10 Best Battery Operated Weed Eater 2020

There must be some difference between a weed eater, weed whacker & string trimmer, tell me those?

NO! There is not even a single difference between these 3, because they are actually one product with three different names. That’s more like calling dollar as money or bucks. So, if we ask you that have you got money, your sanity will look for the dollars inside your pocket and not preparing the brain up for questions like, money in which currency you are asking? Hope you got the answer.

Why would I need a separate weed eater if I already have a lawnmower?

You would not need to spend extra bucks on buying a separate trimmer at all, if your lawn is perfectly square or rectangle, it shares the exact calculation with the whole number of times the width of the blade covers the grass bed and you do not feel lazy while picking up the corner grass all by yourself with the help of a scissor.

If you are qualified for all these points at once, you are the blessed child and you can even leave the lawn as it is, probably god will instruct the nature to take care of your garden personally. But if you somehow fail at any one point even, you certainly need a separate weed eater to solve the purpose.

The gas-powered weed eaters are the actual machines, battery-powered are like toys, their battery doesn’t run till the work gets over, right?

Wrong! There are many battery-powered string trimmers that work as much as your best gas powered machine would do, that too without trashing the environment. It’s a common myth that battery-powered weed eaters lose their juice before actually completing the task. However, it used to be the case when these machines were powered by Ni-Cad batteries, the newly reformed Li-ion batteries are capable of working for much longer than the previous ones.

Although, it should be kept in mind that the machine will take the battery juice only when you click and keep pressing the power button, so better squeeze that button only when you are trimmer the leftover grass. This will help you to make your battery last longer.

Weed eaters are used in lawns less frequently, why should I buy the machine then?

If you ask professional gardeners like us, they will tell you how important this tool is. This machine is probably the most frequently used tool from the shed. There is no point in having a lawnmower if you do not own a string trimmer with it, this is the machine that completes the whole task of grass trimming and provides the perfection, moreover, saving our precious garden from uneven looks and unwanted pricks.

Once you lose the battery, you are left with no choice but to buy a new weed eater, isn’t that bad?

We would have never recommended such a product to you if this case would have existed anywhere out of just myth books. The battery pack is easily detachable from the weed eater machine. So, whenever you think that your battery is not performing the way it used to or it’s too old to be in the machine, just buy a new one for yourself and you are good to go in the field again. Just make sure that you buy the same voltage battery, as a lighter one would not solve the purpose and heavier one can damage the motors inside.


top 10 Best Battery Operated Weed Eater

We have tried to convey the finest of our knowledge about picking the best battery operated weed eater, how to choose, why you need it, and of course our top 10 best battery operated string trimmers. Now you know almost everything about weed whackers, as much as we do. If you are still struggling in choosing the right one from the detailed list above, you can write to us in the comment section below. Thanks.


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