Hello! My name is Jeremy Wilkinson. I am 35 years old. I graduated with a master’s degree in Crop Science at the University of Illinois. I am currently a Marketing Manager at an agricultural machine manufacturing company in New York city. If you are reading these words, welcome to my garden!

It’s not always easy to accept failure. I confidently say that I was not born for gardening despite the fact that I really love plants. As a child, I tried to grow a lot of plants in my garden, and whatever the cause, any tree that I had ever owned died, even plants considered immortal like bamboo and cactus. But my passion for the plant world and the knowledge that I obtained at the University of Illinois helped me build my own dream garden.


You will be surprised to know that according to some studies, gardening not only helps you be more active, reduce obesity and stress and have more stable health but also increase cognitive ability and life satisfaction. In addition, gardening also helps us improve memory, cure neurological diseases and is considered one of the best exercises for everyone.

I love gardening even though I don’t care if it’s a good exercise, and I’m not sure if my memory will improve through it. But one thing I am sure of is that gardening can help reduce stress very effectively, increase the love of life and greatly affect our minds and souls in an unexpectedly positive way.

Spending a certain amount of time each day weeding, pruning dry leaves, catching worms and propagating plants partly helps us cultivate our carefulness, thoughtfulness and meticulousness. It makes our life beat slower, and we will realize that sometimes life doesn’t need to be so rushed to be happy.

Gardening will make us closer to nature and love every bush and every flower in the grass and then love this life more.

I spent some time in the Philippines and realized that the people there lived very slowly and peacefully. Part of the reason is probably because they love gardening. They often have a beautiful garden in front of the house. If they do not have a garden, they plant many trees in small pots and place them everywhere. I used to see the whole family gathering in the morning together to mow the grass.

I started writing gardening books about 2 years ago to share experiences and tips on caring for land and plants. But I realized I should do this on an online blog. There are millions of gardening blogs out there. They share interesting things and great experiences, but in that online world, there was not my blog. That is why gardenmega.com was born. I’ll make it different and useful.

My goal on this website is to help you figure out how to use your leisure time in a way that will reduce your stress and save you more money in the purpose of building your garden.

Gardenmega is for:

  • Garden lovers
  • People who have ever failed to build their gardens
  • People who want to experience new things
  • People who want to save money
  • People who have ideas and want to share them to inspire other people

Finally, I would like to thank my two friends at the University of Illinois, Marlin Satterfield – an agricultural machinery expert and Michele Considine – an expert on plant nutrition. Their valuable contributions are a huge part of building this blog.

Have a good time!